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    new iguana

    I'm so sorry Charizard1.
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    2 Beardies in Need (Delaware)

    Hopefully, they went to someone who knows how to care for them properly. Those poor babies deserve a better life.
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    2 Beardies in Need (Delaware)

    I know, it really irritates me too. I tried again very early this morning with no response. :banghead: S/he hasn't updated the post on Craigslist either, so perhaps they're already gone. However, there are some really beautiful ones on there all the time that end up reposted over and over...
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    2 Beardies in Need (Delaware)

    I have tried contacting the owner several times with no response. That makes me so sad because these babies NEED someone who has a clue.
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    2 Beardies in Need (Delaware) I saw this while cruising Craigslist this morning. Those babies look just awful. I want to go scoop them up right now and bring them home to some good food, heat, UV, and LOTS more space... but I don't have the money to buy the dragons and a...
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    new iguana

    I would suggest: and the book "Iguanas for Dummies." These 3 are considered the gold standard of green iguana care.
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    MD Craigslist Rescue Can anyone help this poor guy? I don't usually see too many on Craigslist that are in dire straits but I'm so concerned about this one. A 250 watt heat emitter in a 20 gal. tank???? :banghead: That poor baby has got to be roasting to...
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    How do you take your dragon out in winter?

    For roaming around the house when it's cold I have rice packs that can be heated in the microwave; I just throw a towel over it and let him sit on top wherever he wants to be. I also have a heat/UV lamp that I set up for him in case he gets cold and wants to bask. I take him out with me a...
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    :::waves Hi::: I'm in New Castle County.
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    How much does your adult bearded dragon eat?

    Mango is 6 yrs. old and I offer salad everyday and feeders (usually Dubias) 3 times a week. Some days Mango will eat a dozen Dubias and other days he won't touch them. The salad he picks at but prefers when I feed it to him. Honestly, he probably eats between 1 and 2 dozen feeders a week...
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    Daylight Saving Time......

    I change Mango's light schedule to match the approximate time of sunrise/sunset outside.
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    beardies bored??

    Change things around often. Give a dig box but change the digging medium every once in awhile - compost, Yesterday's News, Bed-A-Beast, chopped hay, stones (large enough that they can't be ingested), shredded paper, a planted box with edibles etc. Add a pool for a few hours once a week. Put...
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    Beradies favorite food?

    Live Food: Mango loves silkworms and hornworms like crazy but they're so expensive I only buy them once or twice a year. Greens: Oxalis, Plantain and Nasturtium leaves... but only when foraging outside. Veggies: Sweet potato. Fruit: Mango and Papaya. Top Favorite: Of the foods he gets...
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    Eye bulging & closing

    Thanks for responding, Bearded Oscar. I don't think I got water in his eyes but I guess it's possible. He splashes and dunks his head on purpose though and I've never seen him react this way before. He also started hiding as well but then when I pulled him out yesterday he stayed on his...
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    Eye bulging & closing

    Mango is 6 yrs. old and has always been in great health. Today I put in a new UV bulb to replace his old one and switched his heat bulbs to a higher wattage for winter and suddenly he's intermittently basking with his eyes closed and bulging. I know eye bulging is normal during shedding or if...
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