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    Server Under Heavy Load

    I sooo feel for ya! I own a gaming website and go through the same thing and it can be a pain at times.. however, also shows your dedication to your members. Thanks for the heads up, not sure what i'd do if I couldn't come in here and check in.
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    Please help with sick beardie

    Hows your beardie doing and what did the vet say?
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    Question for people with multiple dragons

    Beardies are solitary animals and housing them together can lead to injuries, toe or tail nips, bites to the head, and even death.
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    Help! 2 month old beardie, vommit /not eating :*(

    Coil light is no good. Need the reptisun 10.0 tube (petmountain has them the cheapest and is offering free shipping right now). Also, the stick on temps are not accurate. I bought one at walmart for 12.00 that has a sensor to put in the basking (keep mine at 105) and the other part goes on...
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    Okay so I just bought two 5 month old beardies...

    Theres an article on here under enclosures where a member tells how to make your own enclosure out of a book shelf or dresser (which you can pretty much always pick up for free on craigslist) thats pretty cheap and looks nice. I have 4 of my dragons in custom enclosures that are stacked and...
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    Question for people with multiple dragons

    I have multiple and I have a schedule where each is out at a certain time for x amount (have to put dogs up first, as I just simply do not trust them). For me, the schedule is key. Between feeding, bathing, affection without a schedule, i'd go crazy
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    Need Quick Advice ASAP!

    You can get the reptisun 10.0 bulb in alot of different lengths. I order mine from petmountain because they are cheaper, have free shipping right now and their arrival time is awesome
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    Okay so I just bought two 5 month old beardies...

    Mealworms should not be fed as their hard to digest. Lettuce has no nutritional value for beardies. Heres a care sheet on the foods to feed Just to add to the info from the previous poster.
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    How long can brumation last?

    Anything that has lettuce in the name is bad. Heres an awesome nutritional sheet
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    How long can brumation last?

    Romaine is bad for them, has no nutritional value... but doens't sound like brumation to me. Sounds like he's stressed from the move.
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    I don't mean to sound rude so forgive me please if thats how it comes off. You came on the board to get advice, and some VERY experienced beardie owners have told you not to put them together as they are solitary animals... why would you not listen to them? Your beardies safety and health is...
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    How young is to young

    What is considered too young to put a beardie up for sale? AGAIN, I go to our local petsmart to get some super's for my older 2 dragons. They just received a shipment of baby beardies in.. a week and a half old out of cleveland. Sooooo tiny!! I know the age for puppies and kittens before...
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    Not shedding, tough yellowish skin on back

    Yes, that one.. thank you lol
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    Not eating crickets?

    I started my own roach colony after following advice on here. Cheaper then crickets, no smell to them and very easy to do. Not sure if its something youd be interested in or not. I have 4 beardies ranging in age from 6 months to 3 years and my oldest won't touch a cricket, but will go crazy...
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    Not shedding, tough yellowish skin on back

    Also to add, romaine is bad for the beardie as it gives no nutritional value. Mustard greens, dandelion greens are two good ones. theres a blog on here on the best foods to feed and which to stay away from. petmountain has the reptisun 10 for the cheapest price and is what is recommended.
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