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    Tank upgrade

    I saw you said you were switching from sand to another loose substrate … do you know what kind of loose your planning on using?
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    Tank upgrade

    Hi there 👋 So I don’t have a ton of decor / i have not wanted to make it too cluttered especially as she gets older - basically everything except the higher climb-y stuff isn’t in there anymor, just b/c she is older now. She is 11 and a half years old now - and she’s just not climbing as high...
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    REX our little guy.

    Awwww hi lil guy! Mustards are a great green - Collards too! The fact you have got a 3 month old eating greens is something I never experienced 😂 … my girl didn’t touch a green or a veggie or a fruit until she was over a year old! At 3 months she was only down with the feeders and I mean ONLY...
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    lovely little Vera

    Oh wow. That face tho! She’s so pretty ❤️😊 Congrats!
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    My beardie passed yesterday, could I have done more?

    I’m so sorry. This is 100% a “what they - the previous people - needed / should have done more” thing - not you, not one bit. I went through this with a beautiful sweet dragon several years ago who had been living in hell for 5 or 6 years. It’s really so sad - however the 6 weeks she had with...
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    Tank upgrade

    Just a random side note - not sure what you are using for substrate/flooring for this new enclosure - but I highly recommend tile! Ages ago when I upgraded to my girls forever home, I put down ceramic tile with a tad bit of texture (but smooth enough to do a wipe down) as her substrate from...
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    What are your beardies favorite fruit or veggie?

    Green/Veg: Collards Greens by far are her favorite and doesnt like to stray from those! Runner up would be Mustard Greens. Fruit: Once in a while she likes some sliced banana and sliced grapes.
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    Picky Dragon

    In all honesty - my girl probably ate 5 little bites of greens total up until she was a year and half … by about 2 years old she was more consistent, but to this day she’s still not a daily salad loving dragon - and she’s 11 and a half years old now! I just had to accept at some point she...
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    Uromastyx (New Lizard Owner!)

    Came here hoping Claudiusx had found this post! ✊🤩✨
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    Beardie Born With Dwarfism?

    Hi there How are you? I just stumbled on this post, I was wondering what his exact length his right now tip to tail - and using that measurement we could compare it to a typical dragon of the same age. Just wondering how they know he has dwarfism / what led them to believe that and all. He is...
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    beardie has fangs?

    That’s so interesting! I have starred into my dragons mouth a million zillion times over the years (cuz I’m fascinated with everything about her 🤷🏻‍♀️) … and I don’t think she has that going on, but ofcourse now I’m going look even more intensely next time she has it open! Not sure about the...
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    New Beardie Owner Here - Have Questions :)

    I’m a tile advocate as well … we are tile girls all the way. I feel like one of best things I ever did with her house was lay ceramic tile down … I took the floor dimensions to Lowe’s and awkwardly told them it was for my bearded dragons viv … they were like - oh,cool. So I picked out a slate...
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    I use Pet Mountain for Repti Sun and they used to sell Arcadia …. I use the Chewy app as well, but they I don’t think they carry Arcadia, just Repti-Sun … as far as the two brands I like them equally the same 🙂 Amazon has both brand bulbs - just have to check on the T8 / T5 selections. That...
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    Beardie Only Eating Greens

    Hi! I will say you are much luckier than I was when my girl was that age - she wouldn’t touch a green! It was like she’d rather hunger strike than even look at a piece of a green leaf. She’s till not the *best* at it and she’s 11and half years old! Your guy wanting to partake in the greenery...
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    Not eating veg

    Oh man … I can relate! I had the toughest time getting my girl to eat any greens or any veggies - she probably was about 2 years old when she truly even began to actively / willingly taking them from my hand or from a bowl to be honest. It’s not always the easiest road to travel down … I tried...
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