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    My 8 month old beardie has been having terrible stools for a few weeks now. Watery diarrhea with some of it being formed but most of it is a huge puddle of just liquid. It smells just straight up awful!! His basking temps are about 90 degrees and we use the t5 uvb tube light that was recommended...
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    New baby beardie

    He did a lap around his tank and he finally caught a cricket on his own (the legs were torn off) but he still caught it! Finally saw a little tiny burst of energy from him. Thank you for all your help. I am sure more questions will come up along the way. Hoping he starts to get the hang of things.
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    New baby beardie

    We bought digital temp probes one for each side of the tank. The temp is reading at 90.7, surface of the rock read 108, the floor was reading 100. The reptisun is on top of the tank, we brought a wider hole lid on day 3 of owning him. the lid the tank came with was definitely not letting enough...
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    New baby beardie

    Hi, I am new to owning a bearded dragon. I have read so many discussions and websites. I am not sure how old this baby is he looks be only a month old. We got him Monday last week, so it will be 1 week tomorrow. He just seems kind of lethargic, he didn’t eat for the first 3 days which I read is...
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