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    I've been meaning to get one going (life has been busy lately). I as hoping to have one for October (Halloween and all). I'll try to get one started next week. That will be enough time for people to get and submit pictures, and for voting, before the end of the month.
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    MBD or Gout??

    @Drache613 I split the new posts into their own thread (was on a different/similar thread). Re-tagging Tracie, since she would have been notified of the older thread, I think.
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    Huge Apologies for Email Floods!

    I don’t think any, actually. I think xp29 has email notifications disabled. :)
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    Huge Apologies for Email Floods!

    @hdochow was the other really big one in the queue for some reason. Again.. some of the most active people, so it may have to do something with it. I just don’t know why/how it was repeating. I suspect that the mail server was re-queuing the failed message to try again when it could… but the...
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    Huge Apologies for Email Floods!

    Yeah. For some reason, your email address (and 1-2 others) were the most massive in the queue. Partly because you’re one of the most active people on the site, but I think something else was going on To cause your messages to loop in the mail server.
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    No longer receiving in-app alerts

    Well, I still don’t know why on-site alerts aren’t working in some cases… But some of you may have noticed that I fixed the email notification issue. Again…. Sooooooooo sorry about the flood.
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    Huge Apologies for Email Floods!

    I sincerely apologize for the massive flood of emails some people may have just gotten today. I just tried upgrading our mail server software and was looking into some errors. I then discovered why I think people were no longer receiving email notifications. I fixed that. What I didn’t...
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    RIP Soul Beardie Leonard

    So sorry for your loss. I know it’s tough losing a beardie. I’ve lost my share of pets, and none were easy. My heart goes out to you. And hopefully, as xp29 said, you’ll find room in your heart for another beardie someday. 😢
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    No longer receiving in-app alerts

    You have only had a few alerts (in the upper right) or notification emails? Do you have some specific examples? I can try and see what may be going on. I seem to always get alerts and email notifications for threads I’m watching… Oh… UNLESS you ignore the prior email notification. If you do...
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    No longer receiving in-app alerts

    @J4ckdaw- I see that there are alerts in your alerts list (bell on upper right). Is it that you’re not getting some? Or not getting any? What I did notice is that for some reason, you did not have a watch set on this specific thread. If you don’t have a watch on a thread you create you...
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    Word association!

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    Word association!

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    Moderators...attn moderators

    The info fields aren’t super great for gathering info about multiple Beardies. Some people will just pick one beardie. For some fields, like name, you can comma delimit the names. Those fields were primarily for helping when people ask questions, much of the basics that questions are asked...
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    Site confusing

    Hi. Thanks for the feedback. The number of ads is about the same as before (same Google Adsense). Actually, for those who are active members and have reached 100 posts or more, ads are entirely disabled. Also, winners of the [unfortunately] irregular Photo Competitions also get an ad free...
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