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    Silver Sulfa Cream?

    No idea how it actually happened. The vet thinks she may have been bitten by a cricket or possibly her flooring is too hard. I have her on laminate. Had her on sand originally and found out that's a no no so she's been on laminate for around 3 years as it's easy to clean. All the vet prescribed...
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    Silver Sulfa Cream?

    I'm not putting it on in gobs but I apply enough to cover the area. I'm not seeing it visibly smeared but since she is steady moving about and walking I know it's being rubbed off. The wound is on heel so it makes contact everytime she walks. It's in a really bad place to hear right. It would be...
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    Silver Sulfa Cream?

    So my girl got a sore on her arm that got infected. Started as a big lump and then busted open into a gaping hole. Took her to the vet and was advised to pour peroxide into it and then the Silver Sulfa they prescribed. So overnight it it scabbed over and there's no way to get in into the wound...
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    Please help...

    No, no other exotic vets in my area. I don't know how she could have broken it other than jumping down from the top of her hide and last night it didn't look raw or anything. The flooring I use is a type of laminate tile flooring. Got the idea from my buddy, makes cleaning up a breeze. I tried...
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    Please help...

    No, no crickets left in tank. I remove everything when I feed her crickets just for that very reason, they like to hide away. The light is an exo-terra solarglo all in one bulb...I think the yellowish you're seeing is from from the flooring.
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    Please help...

    So I went to feed my baby girl this morning and noticed her foot looked swollen. Upon closer inspection it definitely is, looks like a huge bump below the skin. I'm not sure what has happened here as it was not like this yesterday. She was out and playing with me right before bed and she didn't...
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    Beardie post prolapse

    Ok thanks for the advice. Any recommendations on a good soft food? Squash perhaps and should I continue feeding insects? I know the exoskeleton can be a bit hard.
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    Beardie post prolapse

    So about 3 days ago my beardie prolapsed. She is about 3½ years old. Freaked me out and I ran to this site, Google and called the only vet in my area that see exotics. Long story short I couldn't afford a $90 office visit plus whatever the treatment and meds would cost. If it'll ease minds, I've...
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    My beardie keeps laying eggs

    No I do not have a lay box for her. How would you reccomend I set that up and how big should it be? Where should it be located? Warm side or cool side? She is in a 40 breeder.
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