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    Deep heat without bask bulb?

    I could be telling you something you already know, did you try the Arcadia 100w Halogen flood with the dhp? They state the DHP and Flood work together along with T5 (starting at 2:28)
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    Deep heat without bask bulb?

    How is this working out? I just did the same, Arcadia T5 with DHP only
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    Deep heat projector for basking heat?

    His T5 has UV... The DHP offers IR/heat as well. Not sure why he would also need a bright white?
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    Thoughts on my UVB Setup

    Where did you get the artificial stone decor? link or name of item? Thanks
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    Mega Ray with Arcadia T5 12%

    We have a mega ray 160, then I decided to go with Arcadia 36 12% OR Reptisun T5 10. I looked around for a heat bulb and it might be the luck of the draw but a lot of reviews are saying they burn out in a few days to a few months... So, advice on a heat lamp brand, or can I continue to use the...
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    Is my UVB placed correctly and do I need another tube?

    Are you saying Arcadia is a better bulb than Reptisun or that both bulbs are better than what he has? (I'm new too so just clarifying)
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