Beardie's Gender
Adoption/Purchase Date
Jan 6, 2023
Small crickets approximately 10-20 per day, hand feed mealworms until refused. Turnip greens, kale, yellow squash, Mango, I alternate different fruits and veggies, but always offer turnip greens and kale
Enclosure Dimensions
40 gallon breeder tank
Enclosure Temperatures
Basking spot is on a thermostat set to 101 with a 100 watt zoo med basking bulb, and a 100 watt ceramic heater, I have a zoomed 10.0 uvb 18 inch bulb attached to the inside of the screen lid
Thermometer Type
Digital with a probe
UVB Source
Zoomed 10.0 tube
UVB Placement
Attached to the top screen inside enclosure
Basking Light
100 watt zoomed basking bulb and 100 watt ceramic heater in a zoomed double light fixture
Basking Schedule
12 hours
Paper towels for right now
Enclosure Setup Pictures
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