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    Clean up crew bugs

    Yeah I'm in Georgia, U.S.A.
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    Clean up crew bugs

    What's a good website to order cleaners from? Anyone had any good experiences?
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    Bioactive soil recipe

    I tried his stuff several months ago. I wasn't a big fan of the mixture and i never really saw much cleaner crew activity. Too dusty and yes I did water as recommended. And my beardie had some really bad shedding problems. And her scales got discolored. I'm if I did something wrong or what...
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    Bioactive soil recipe

    Please share what mixture you're using, layers, and clean up crew bugs. Hope those of you using have had success. I'm looking for some inspiration. Thanks. Pictures welcomed. Thanks
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    Broke my basking light

    They are pretty hardy to go a day maybe two without. I'm In the meantime you could use a regular incandescent house bulb until you get a new basking bulb.
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    Heat specific bulbs.

    Anyone use the heat bulbs meant for other animals like chickens, dogs, and cats for a basking bulb? They make clear incandescent ones so they are none colored glass. Just curious.
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    Bioactive setup - plants

    I've got rosemary in front corner of got side. Basil is on cool side back corner which she loves btw. Just got back from The Home Depot and got a opuntia cactus to add in too.
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    Bioactive setup - plants

    Is a UVB T5 and halogen basking light enough to grow plants for an enclosure? Using an Arcadia 22inch and par38 flood bulb. Currently have some basil, rosemary, and dracena plant.
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    bio active beardies

    This guy called "the bio dude" has some articles on bioactive substrates with diff reptiles and amphibians. He also sells kits with premises soil and clean up bugs. Very interesting reads
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    T5HO Fixture Questions

    I just recently got the 22 inch Arcadia like cooperdragon linked. I'm very happy with it. The guy over at lightyourreptiles is the best. Spend the xtra $$$ and get a good fixture and bulb.
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    Arcadia UVB Fixture and Bulb Output Questions

    I just got the 22inch Arcadia and I thoroughly like it. Invest a little more in a good light and brand. You won't regret.
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    Exo terra 36x18x18

    Simple s hook on the heat light chord makes adjustmenrlts a breeze. I've got about 6- 8 inches of lamp distance to use if needed.
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    Male and female bearded dragons in same room

    Thanks for input. Went with a wire shelving unit from home depot. Holds 2 40b tanks nicely
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    Exo terra 36x18x18

    Went with a wire rack from home depot. Also got the casters on the bottom, super nice this thing can be rolled around. Plenty of space between shelves for light adjustment. Not final but it's a nice starting point. New lights and bioactive coming soon This is the inspiration, but of course...
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    Exo terra 36x18x18

    The stands are backordered. Not sure when back in stock. I'm still trying to figure out what to do. I'm afraid the stand or racks will not allow for much light adjustment I'm the bottom tank. Plus right now my girl is in a 75 and the new boy is in a 40. I kinda don't like the tanks being diff sizes
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