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    Comment by 'λύκος' in media 'BEGGINER'

    Can't wait to see the huge home your brother is building for you!
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    Comment by 'λύκος' in media 'Vertical sleep dragon'

    That is a gorgeous "tree"!
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    Work in progress, 595 gallon enclosure, have added organic Opuntia, tiles and rocks, will take new pics soon. Enclosure is 6.5'x 3.5'x3'. Includes three Arcadia D3+ 12% UVB T5 bulbs, three Arcadia Deep Heat Projectors, Hagen Exo Terra Electronic Day/Night Thermostat, two hides
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    Errors in widespread nutrition guides for beardies

    I appreciate the time and effort made to collect and share updated and corrected information.
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    Should I feed this size or that?

    Hi, Do you happen to have a source or more information on this please? Did you find out from a herpetologist or from the community? The only article I found regarding gout was Wilkinson, S. L., & Divers, S. J. (2020). Clinical Management of Reptile Renal Disease. Veterinary Clinics of North...
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    Veneer faux stone panelling

    Did you ever use that faux stone siding panel? I realize this is now over a year old, so would love to know if you or anyone else has used this. I think it would be a great idea, but have not really looked at what it is made out of yet. Aesthically it is pleasing, I would prefer the iron ore...
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