Emergency incubator HELP PLEASE

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Emergency incubator HELP PLEASE

Postby Christiangarza5289 » Thu Apr 25, 2019 10:18 pm


Hi I put my bearded dragons together because a light I ordered online went out I didn’t expect them to mate. I’ve been trying to do so much research because I noticed her belly getting bigger, about 4 days ago she started digging so I bought all the necessary things for her to lay her eggs. She laid them the same day I put her in it and that surprised me as well because I read that it took a week or two. I have made my own incubator, although I know it’s not recommended I had to make my own because I don’t have the money for a good incubator at the moment because this happened all so fast. I am having problems with my temperature and my humidity. My incubator is a bin with a water heater, water, a stand and obviously the Tupperware with vermiculite. To get the temperature at 84-87 the lid has to be on but once I put the lid on the humidity sky rockets to 99% and I’ve read that 75% or 80-90% is okay. And whenever I try and lower the humidity the temp drops to 79-81 PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ASAP
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Re: Emergency incubator HELP PLEASE

Postby Colbycheese » Tue May 07, 2019 3:24 am

Are you going to raise them? I’ve never raised a clutch before but upon reading about it it seems like it’s not worth it if there’s already so many people breeding. Babies are super expensive to feed and keep if you’re raising them from day 1, need to buy thousands of crickets every month, and find homes for them when they’re bigger, which might be a little hard since there are a ton of dragons everywhere for sale
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