I got a new beardie named Clyde

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I got a new beardie named Clyde

Postby beckyaharding » Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:56 am

I'm a first time beardie owner and I just got Clyde yesterday. I know it takes time for them to get used to their surroundings but Clyde does have stress marks and I'm hoping to get some advice to make Clyde's home the best home possible. I got the zoo med starter kit that had UVB light that doesnt span the entire tank, a day and night basking lamp but I ordered a ceramic one since I read that red light could still effect their sleep cycles. Also I ordered more hides and climbs since I only bought one hide and a hammock for a climb to the basking spot. Clyde also is on felt and not sand since he's a juvenile and I read that sand could be harmful. Clyde is at his food bowl already so I think he might have ate the crickets and pellets I left for him, and I left out water 24/7 also. Any advice is welcome! Me and Clyde thanks you 😁
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