Baby Beardie Tail Rot? and poop

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Baby Beardie Tail Rot? and poop

Postby Dillpickle » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:19 am

hi, I adopted a three legged beardie named pickle about two weeks ago, he's been slowly warming up to his new environment ant has lightened significantly in color along with reduced stress marks. for the past two nights he's even fallen asleep on me which is a big change to when he would try to run away every time I went to hold him. what I'm concerned about now is the possibility of tail rot, the end of his tail is a little darker than the rest of him its been this way since before I got him. his tail is a little wonky since he got beat up in a tank at the store I adopted him from (the reason he only has three legs now) so I'm thinking that may be why its wonky but I've looked at posts and seen that beardies who do have tail rots tails are similar to Pickles. if this is tail rot what should my next steps be?
another question I have is that he keeps pooping on me! is this something I should be worried about? this is the fourth time he's done this to me in the span of three days, how much time after he eats should I give him before holding him, could that may be the problem. along with this I noticed today a chunk of carrot in his poo, when I go to work I give him freeze dried vegetables incase he's hungry and could it have just been to hard for him to eat?
sorry im a paranoid new mom and i just want him to be the healthiest he can be!

to save time heres all his viv information:
I have him in a 40 gallon breeder, the hot side is normally 95-100 sometimes higher then that. and his basking spot is a hammock, it used to be a log but since I got him the hammock he hasn’t left it. His basking spot is normally around 95-98. I’ve seen him with his mouth slightly open at times when he’s basking and I looked that up and it means he’s regulating his tempt so that’s okay I think? His cool side is around 75-80. At night I had a red light in the tank but the temperature was always hot at night and I looked it up that as long as it doesn’t go below 65 it’s okay to have the lights off in the tank so it’s normally high 60s or 70 at night. he seems fine with that though, he normally goes to bed around 9-10, and the light doesn't go on again till 7 and that normally wakes him up. He eats crickets twice a day as many as he wants in a 15 minute period. sometimes three times if he didn't eat enough in the morning. I feed him in a separate tank because feeding him in the bigger one I was having trouble with and that’s how he was fed at the store I’ve gotten him at. He eats greens two to three times a day, mostly the purple ones and arugula, along with green beans and sometimes apples and carrots, he gets a little freeze dried vegetables when I'm away for awhile. I don't give him any mealworms and he doesn't eat any of the freeze dried insects. sometimes he eats the juvenile pellets but he's iffy about them. his UVB bulb is 100 and is in a zoomed dome with a 150 watt heat bulb (the 75 and 100 just weren't heating the tank up enough) he loves being held for the most part and he's been given a few baths since I've gotten him. he had a major shed recently on his back and a little of his tail I'm not sure if he's done yet though.
thanks in advanced![Click image to enlarge]

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Re: Baby Beardie Tail Rot? and poop

Postby CooperDragon » Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:06 am

His tail looks OK to me for now. It does show signs of damage but if the dark area or the kinked parts don't start creeping up the tail or looking further damaged or wounded then it shouldn't pose a problem. If the damaged area starts shriveling and moving up the tail then it is cause for concern and may be an infection.

As far as the poops go, it's common for them to do that when they are young. They can go multiple times per day so it's best to have them in an area that is easy to clean until after they go. Keep an eye out for the tell tale butt wiggle and tail lift which gives you a few seconds (usually) to move him to the ground or onto a towel etc. As they get older they go less frequently and they are easier to train to go in a certain spot at around a certain time through routine/repetition.

Carrot passing through is fairly common and not a concern in itself. I do advise offering fresh veges rather than dehydrated ones as they will provide more nutrients and needed hydration.
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