New dragon, concern/help sexing

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New dragon, concern/help sexing

Postby Tourmaline » Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:13 pm

My baby Zephyr passed away last month very suddenly. No signs of him being sick, even his vet was very surprised as he was doing really well the last time she saw him. I was discouraged from getting another, and I decided to stay with the two lovely boys I have.

The pet store I work at got some tiny hypo orange babies in. My boyfriend offered to get me one for my birthday after he saw how interested I was in them, and I decided to try a third dragon again. I still had the tank and lighting from Zephyr's tank, I just bought a new carpet and decor for the little baby. It's so good. As much as I miss him, Zephyr was a pain in the butt to work with for the first week or two, he was so skittish. This little baby already likes hanging out with me on my shoulder. No running when I pick it up, no hissing, no biting, no squirming, it's eating well, and alert. I couldn't be happier. It's the first time I've had an easy baby to work with and it's also the smallest I've had.
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Now I'm unsure of gender. I've been able to tell before but I've only had males so far so if I saw a female I wouldn't know it. I can't tell so I'm guessing it's female? I took some pictures of under its tail. Any ideas? You guys are always really good at this.
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My concern was its head.. It has two black lines on its head that I can't tell if it's actual coloring, an injury, or maybe something else. They look darker in person, the camera doesn't capture it well. It also has some blackness around the corner of it's mouth that I thought were cricket guts. I tried rubbing it with some water but it didn't come off. I haven't seen something like it before so I figured I'd ask people with more experience with this kinda stuff than me.
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Re: New dragon, concern/help sexing

Postby AHBD » Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:40 pm

Hi there, what a cutie and it sounds like she's a charmer :) As of now, looks female. Post a few more pis in a month + it will show better. The marks on the head are probably little scars if they're not dirt/ bug guts. Babies do bite one another when being raised together, usually during feeding. It will be fine + will fade quite a bit as she gets older.
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