Feeding advice please

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Feeding advice please

Postby NarcanNinja » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:19 pm

So I offer my dragon a chopped up salad of collard and dandelion greens every morning at lights on and a few hours later I put a large ceramic bowl that has a nice lip on it making the dubia and reptiworms unable to escape.

He’s about a month+ old, still new to the tank and everything.

My problem is he doesn’t seem to want to eat from the bowl - I usually leave a handful of dubia and reptiworms in there (small enough for him to handle easy) properly dusted etc. and he can always see and looks at the bugs actively in the bowl from his basking spot.

I see a roach or worm missing here and there, and he eats his greens, and he gets about 1mL of butternut squash baby food everyday syringe fed like a diva.

But I thought at this age he would be more hungry and devouring bugs up. If I drop a bug in his viv he sometimes runs and gets it, but his viv has a lot of nooks for the dubia to disappear.

Will he adjust to the bowl and get used to eating as he feels the need to? I work 12 hour shifts so it would be nice so I know he’s fed when I come home and he’s in bed.

He’s super active and poops plenty just see videos of baby dragons eating 100s of bugs.


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Re: Feeding advice please

Postby CooperDragon » Thu Jun 07, 2018 12:45 pm

Their appetites will vary. When he's really hungry he'll likely go after the bowl of bugs but if you have time at one end of the day or another I would try hand feeding him or offering one or two at a time that he can chase after and see if he responds better to that.
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