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Postby Ghostlizard » Thu Jul 22, 2021 7:49 am

Hello, i was told that rhubarb was a safe food for bearded dragons, I have been feeding it to my bearded dragon (he's 4) along with other greens for about a week. I now have found out that it's toxic to them. He seems perfectly normal and I've been feeding him other greens for two days. Should I be concerned?
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Re: Rhubarb

Postby Gail » Thu Jul 22, 2021 11:22 am

Did you feed the stems or the leaves? The leaves are the bad part.
If he is doing ok now, then he should be fine. I would try to encourage him to drink plenty of water or even feed some romain for 2 or 3 days to help flush his system.

If he starts acting off at all, get him to a vet asap.
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Re: Rhubarb

Postby Drache613 » Fri Jul 23, 2021 12:50 am


I agree, if he is doing ok a couple of days later then he should be fine. It should have already
affected him if it was going to.
As suggested, give some extra oral fluids to help flush out his system. You could even use
some activated charcoal to help out his system too.

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