Taming My Baby

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Taming My Baby

Postby spawberries » Thu Jun 24, 2021 2:22 pm


I got my bearded dragon Sub-Zero around 3 to 4 weeks ago, He looks happy and comfortable, he likes his temps a little cooler than what is recommended here (about 100 on his basking site,) which i figured out after some trial and error. He eats both his greens and his bugs, he's getting proper nutritional supplements, and proper UVB. He's very active, loves climbing on his hammock.

Initially, he wasn't very skittish, didn't turn down food at all in that first week, seemed curious about both me and my wife. After a week he let us touch him without hissing or bearding, and then after the first two weeks he doesn't let us touch him at all without hissing or biting. When I pick him up he calms down very quickly and settles in nicely, but now he won't eat very many bugs while I'm in the room, I have to leave a bunch of BSFL or silkworms in his food bowl and leave the room otherwise he'll be scared I'm going to try and touch him or pick him up. When I come back in about 10 minutes he'll have eaten everything or if he's full he'll be on his basking spot with maybe a couple lively looking bugs of the big amount I put in there.

Also, i found he enjoys watching youtube with me, he will stay put watching the screen and I don't have to hold onto him to keep him from escaping, he'll just stay put in my flat hand watching the screen and looking back at me if I stop petting him, which is an encouraging sign.

I'm just trying to get him comfortable with me, used to handling so he can be out of the tank more often and he can explore whatever room of the house I take him to. Does anyone have tips on taming their baby?
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Re: Taming My Baby

Postby Gail » Fri Jun 25, 2021 6:46 am

My dragon was the same way when I got him, very skittish and didn't care to eat with me around.
I got a long pair of tongs and started to hand feed him his bugs. It only worked first thing in the morning when he was hungry but it didn't take long for him to learn the tongs meant food and Most of his food was being hand fed.
Don't try to touch him during feeding, he feels vulnerable then and needs to learn you aren't going to get him.

I also didn't really handle him much that first month, instead I would just reach in and touch him a few times a day. Didn't touch his head or try to stroke him, just touched, usually on the chin.
If he allowed it, I would touch and then leave him be. If he ran, I would continue trying to touch until he settled down and let me.
About once a week I took him out for a quick bath and brief handling session.

You just have to be slow and gentle, go at his pace and try not to be impatient.
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