Plexiglass enclosure, is it safe

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Plexiglass enclosure, is it safe

Postby Staygold » Mon Jun 21, 2021 10:10 am

Hi, I have a friend who works with plexiglass and he offered to build me an enclosure for free because I mentioned my bearded dragon needs an upsize in her enclosure.

I am wondering if an enclosure made out of plexiglass is safe for my dragon. Will it give off toxic fumes? Will it warp from the heat lamps? The top will not be made out of plexiglass, the four sides and the bottom will be plexiglass. Will plexiglass scratch and become foggy after regular cleanings?

Has anybody had any experience to help me?
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Re: Plexiglass enclosure, is it safe

Postby KarrieRee » Mon Jun 21, 2021 11:40 am

I would not recommend it -- I have plexiglass doors on my Zen and I am not thrilled w/ them but I do like the tank - they scratch real easy and some spots can become foggy at times but its not foggy all the time --- I clean the doors w/ some SprayWay glass cleaner and it does a good job -- but I would not have a tank made out of all plexiglass --
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