Significant Lethargy after laying infertile clutch

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Significant Lethargy after laying infertile clutch

Postby winkydinks » Wed Jun 16, 2021 4:28 am

Hello everyone,

My sweet 4 year old dragon Mosey just laid an infertile clutch of eggs a couple weeks ago. Since then however, she barely moves, sleeps all day, and has no interest in normal food. It's almost like she's brumating, but because it's June and she literally turned from an alert and energetic dragon to her current state in the blink of an eye, I'm concerned it's something else. I've been getting some food in her by using an infant medicine syringe to put a slurry of Critical Carnivore Care powder and baby food on her snout which she'll lap up (while half asleep). I also put her snout up to a trickling faucet and she drinks from it.

I have an appointment with my exotics vet on Monday, but I'm considering making an emergency appointment before then (double the cost). Can anyone offer any input? Thanks!
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Re: Significant Lethargy after laying infertile clutch

Postby AHBD » Wed Jun 16, 2021 5:10 am

Hi there, it does sound like Mosey is sickly now for some reason. Beardies usually bounce back after egg laying and have good appetites , most will develop another clutch within 3 weeks or so. You might opt for an emergency vet but only if they are actually experienced with beardies to begin with. Mosey may have left over eggs or some that burst, which would be an emergency. There are other possibilities but you'll probably need to have xray or ultrasound done to see if she has more eggs, as well as doing bloodwork. I hope everything turns out O.K ! BTW, can you post a few pics of her + her entire set up with lights ?
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