Do all female beardies lay infertile eggs?

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Do all female beardies lay infertile eggs?

Postby Fluflepuff » Tue Jun 15, 2021 10:02 am

Hey all, was just curious if all female beardies lay eggs? I’ve got a gal, and I have no idea how old she is, but she was full adult size when i received her, and never got any bigger. Had her for about a year to a year and a half, she’s never mated and I have no intention of breeding her, I was told she would lay infertile egg clutches but she never has, I assume that’s normal and she is 100% a female. Her previous owner abandoned her, and she was starved for awhile. We still have troubles getting her to eat, thought I’d mention becuase I wasn’t sure if that would affect it or not.

Her setup, two heating lamps, about 90-95° on the hot side, and about 80-75° on her cool side, uvb is the coil bulbs but I’m looking to change her setup to the proper/better ones my friend uses for his beardie in a couple weeks.

She seems to be a perfectly healthy beardie, apart from hating veggies and needing help catching her bugs she doesn’t have any issues atm.
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Re: Do all female beardies lay infertile eggs?

Postby Gail » Tue Jun 15, 2021 3:53 pm

No, not all females will lay but it is very common. Read up on how to prepare a lay box just in case you need it some day.
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Re: Do all female beardies lay infertile eggs?

Postby SandP » Thu Jun 17, 2021 4:23 pm

I adopted a beardie from someone on Craigslist that they told me it was 6 and a male. Turns out she's a female. I've had her for 3 years and she's never laid eggs with me. I'm going to assume she never laid eggs with them either since they believed her to be male.

I have another female that lays eggs every year. They both have the exact setup and are fed the same so it has nothing to do with how they are cared for. For some reason some lay eggs and some don't.
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