Beardie REFUSES to Wear a Leash

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Beardie REFUSES to Wear a Leash

Postby Cynesta » Fri Apr 09, 2021 11:16 am

I own a 2 1/2 yo bearded dragon who will not wear a leash. I got him a leash over a year ago and he puffs up and tries to take it off. I always give in because I don’t want to stress him. Anyways, today his new leash came in the mail. The first leash I had was like a faux leather “vest,” and this one is a simpler paracord leash. I put it on him and sure enough he immediately tried taking it off. I tried feeding him waxworms to take his mind off of the leash, but that didn’t help. I’m thinking of starting to put it on him at night when he’s sleepy and he can’t resist. Should I try this? I really need to get him leash trained because I want him to be able to run around outside instead of sitting in a bin. He’s a very stubborn lizard, as he also refuses to eat ANY greens. I’ve tried not feeding him for days, but he seems like he’s rather starve. Any advice for that as well? Thank you for your time and help :) -Amanda
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Re: Beardie REFUSES to Wear a Leash

Postby CooperDragon » Sun Apr 11, 2021 4:36 pm

Not all of them tolerate leashes. It's probably not worth the stress if it can be avoided. You might try the type of leash that goes around their hips, but otherwise he may be better off in an outdoor enclosure rather than on a leash. There are mesh pop up enclosures that work really well to provide a secure area outdoors. Since they fold they are pretty portable and lightweight too.
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