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Postby Longfellow777 » Thu Apr 08, 2021 12:11 pm

Wickedpogana. I pm you to pick your brain About the jungle Dawn bar
Wickedpogana wrote:
Claudiusx wrote:
Wickedpogana wrote:Go with Arcadias Jungle Dawn Led Bar as well bestkght for beardies.

You are misunderstanding what the LED bar light does. The led light DOES NOT output uvb. It is not a suitable replacement for a uvb producing bulb.

The led bar is mainly designed for bioactive tanks as it is beneficial to plant growth. Or in other tanks that typically dont use much lighting or heat sources. However, even in a bioactive tank, youd still need a uv source for your dragon.

It is more so a light to try to provide full spectrum lighting to the tank. However the term full spectrum is obviously not a standardized agreed upon term because different manufacturers have very different ideas on what that constitutes. in our case, I think full spectrum best applies to a bulb that can produce a spectra near that of the sun. If you look at the spectra graph of that LED bar, it is pretty far off. We discuss this more in the advanced lighting section of this site. There are 1 or 2 threads of full spectrum lighting.
[Click image to enlarge]

That above is a spectra graph of the sun. Of natural sunlight.
[Click image to enlarge]

This is the spectra of arcadias led.
Spikes in spectra are not natural like is evident by the sun's spectra. Not to mention it is very low in the red spectra (as are most bulbs. Incandescent bulbs actually are a good source for the warmer colors of spectra. )

But that's just to show the point that "full spectrum" means different things to different people.

This bar could be used in a dragons enclosure if you wanted to, but it would have to be used alongside a basking bulb and a uv bulb. And, it wouldnt really add much either besides lumosity. the spectra it outputs is already similar to the spectra youd likely get from your uv tube and basking bulb light.

Hope that clears things up.


I'm not misunderstanding it at all it emits Ray's such as PUR PAR and CRI never said it emits UVB the led bar helps improve motor functions pretty much activates third eye which is their pineal gland it's close to pure energy light not only good for plants but your micro fauna as I said before5 it's the best light for sun loving reptilians doesn't take rocket science to know this light alone isnt enough and you need a Uvb bar lol and heat and it it is way better looking light then a uv light it trumps the t5 it looks like sun energy even the t5 looks blueish this doesnt didnt really tell me anything I didnt know with that post all I said was it's the best light and I still am saying that
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