Nebulizer dosing 10% Baytril

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Nebulizer dosing 10% Baytril

Postby LadyDDeath » Sat Mar 06, 2021 7:31 am

I am new here and new to helping this baby I took in.
14g approximately eight months old Leopard gecko. Wasn’t eating, lost the fatness in tail and dehydrated. No other background info! I just took him because clearly he wasn’t being taken care of. I have rehabbed many mammals..even fish! But never lizards.
Long story short. Got tank supplies calcium supplement critical care. Rehydrated him 1st, now working on fatting him up. Will not take any food. Oh and he has severe MBD. Currently giving him liquid calcium with D3. So he is a special needs. Special food bowls and everything.
I noticed he had what look like to me labored breathing. A tiny little clicking sound. Mouth open. I started colloidal silver nebulizer treatments twice a day for a 2 days now. Maybe a smidge better. I did get a first solid poop.
I orderd baytril 10%. I would like to nebulize him or whatever you think! I am unsure of dosing. I really suck at math! I could perform surgery but when it comes to math. Ugh 🤦
Tank, three hides cold hot and humid. Hot side was 90 but upped it to 92 cold 75. No substrate just paper towels so I can see is poop. Plz help me with Med dosing. Or whatever you think I’m doing wrong!
Vets are backed up for weeks because of stupid COVID crap..
Thanks 🙏
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Re: Nebulizer dosing 10% Baytril

Postby Drache613 » Sun Mar 07, 2021 11:58 am


I believe we have emailed! How is your little gecko doing today?
I will message you back today & we can get your order sent right out.
Is he breathing any better yet? Nebulizing should help out immediately for him. I think I
mentioned the method in my email to you.

Let us know how he is doing.

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