New juvenile dragon owner

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New juvenile dragon owner

Postby Nanastar421 » Thu Jan 14, 2021 9:00 am

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this is what my tank is right now..So I bought two juvenile bearded dragons from pet supply 12 days ago I only bought one then got sad n went to get the other one not knowing they don’t like partners I have a 36 gallon tank right now with the right heat bulb n uvb light n a theoremother for heat and humidity. They eat and poop fine and drink water but a few days ago my smaller one ryuu was on my chest n seen my boyfriend coming down the hall and got scared and jumped off and her head look like it was stuck for a few seconds but she was ok I rubbed her for a little and put her back she was looking up for awhile but was fine after still eating n pooping and being active and basking. But she does still look up a lot but doesn’t seem to have any swollen limbs or any bleeding or anything wrong and my other dragon bakuu is fine to but yesterday morning I woke up at 8 am n seen the heat light was turned off and was really cold with the window open n fan blowing I seen ryuu laying on the boat in the tank really dark n was like froze to it kinda so I grabbed heating pad and put her on it she was alright and I took baku out to n let them sit on there until the tank was back to regular temperature and it was but their doing this looking up breathing thing not a lot but frequently now and recently this morning it was 60• n humidity was 51 again ryuu still eating n I gave them both water n their okay as far as I can tell I know this is a lot . And I am working on getting another tank to separate them but they haven’t fought or anything negative like that only problem is stacking it but they do it for a few seconds then both chill together then lick each other to n sleep together any reply helps tho😂 :) / and ryuu recently shedded n they both scratch kinda frequent so idk if there ready for another shedding
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Re: New juvenile dragon owner

Postby KarrieRee » Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:21 am

Please get them separated ASAP--- dragons should NOT be housed together --- at all!! Please get rid of the red light colored bulbs hurt their eyes and can cause long term eye damage ---- you are going to need two long tube fixtures for a UVB NO coils--- they are inadequate and you will need bigger tanks - I think you said 36 gallon tank -- that will not be big enough here soon --- 40 is minimum 75-120 is optimal --- you need digital probe thermometers for accurate basking temps -- stick ons are not accurate --- the humidity is fine you dont want it above 70% -- the basking temps and UVB is the MOST IMPORTANT things in the tanks -- it controls behavior and over all health for the dragon- if you need more help please ask -- as long as your little guy / gal is eating basking and pooping he should be fine - keep an eye on the behavior -- no black bearding if he/ she is there is a issue
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