Getting Over Picky Eating

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Getting Over Picky Eating

Postby ashleyrenee444 » Tue Oct 27, 2020 4:37 pm

My beardie (Toast) got tail rot due to scoliosis in her tail cutting off blood flow to the end of it. She's had her surgery and is well on the road to recovery, but now I've got a whole new concern. A few weeks before I noticed the tail rot, she started refusing food. This was also around the time that we moved her to a new, bigger enclosure. I'm not sure how much each factor (the tail rot vs. the new enclosure) contributed to her lack of appetite. She's around 7-8 months old, so I was very concerned about her not eating, and out of desperation I got wax worms. I figured the higher fat content would keep her from losing too much weight.

She used to devour 40 dubia roaches in one sitting and still be looking around for more. She was eating maybe one or two before her surgery, and now I can get her to take around 10 on a good night. She'll keep taking wax worms until I stop giving them to her though. She won't really eat her greens like she used to either, or carrots (which were once her favorite). I feel like this is just her being picky, but is there any chance there's a more serious issue at play here? Any tips for getting a picky beardie to eat something other than wax worms? She still eats pheonix worms when I can find them, I would try supers but I've heard that she's still too young.
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Re: Getting Over Picky Eating

Postby CooperDragon » Wed Oct 28, 2020 11:32 am

I'm glad to hear she is recovering well. She may have lack of appetite due to the factors you mentioned, or just coincidence. Their appetites do fluctuate as time goes on, that's normal. As long as her weight is stable, I'd continue to focus on healthy options for her (wax worms are OK as an occasional snack, as are other worms). If she likes squash you could try cutting that into worm shapes and see if she'll go for it. Hand feeding veges can be helpful because you can create some movement with your fingers. As long as she's otherwise acting normally and isn't losing a lot of weight I wouldn't worry about it too much and just keep trying with the food. She'll come around eventually.
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