This lighting setup okay?

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This lighting setup okay?

Postby Delsoto » Tue Jul 14, 2020 5:44 pm

Long story short, my old Zoomed T5 Hood bit the bullet taking along its T5 10.0 Reptisun. It lasted four months total. Very sad.

So I got a new fixture from Pangea (man, it is way less bulkier than the Zoomed) and this time an Arcadia 12% T5, along with an idea for enclosure rearrangement.

For the Arcadia, I keep hearing mention about having to have it directly above 12" from the basking decor. How are angles taken into account...?

I believe Ori has a gradient available with his favorite tree decor, because if he's at the center of it he'd be 12" away. However he has gotten into the habit of laying on its end as pictured below, with its slight elevation making him 10" to it. I can fix this problem by moving the fixture more toward the left though.

But as you can see this is all at an angle and not directly above him. I know light obviously goes everywhere and not straight down, but will it hurt his eyes if I keep it this way?

As much as I like the Zen Habitat, those cursed bars on the screen make it hard to attach fixtures to places you want. I'm also considering getting an 14% instead and putting it directly above the mesh.

Image Image
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Re: This lighting setup okay?

Postby KarrieRee » Wed Jul 15, 2020 5:01 am

Move the decor piece its easier to maneuver--- the 14% bulbs are very strong so it is up to you -- you will need to lower the basking decor for a 14% bulb - they require 24" for basking here is a pic of my Zen w/ a 14% in there now it is approx 18 inches from the UVB --next month I am going to the Reptisun 10 T 5 since I could not get any 12% Arcadias -- they were out of stock so my fixture is going to haft to get lowered down to the 12-15 inches --
[Click image to enlarge]
the UVB is to the front of the tank approx in the middle
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