Curious how bonded male and female can get

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Curious how bonded male and female can get

Postby Corpseslayer86 » Tue Jul 14, 2020 12:31 am

We all know these little guys harbor far more emotion then a meer brain scan with an underdeveloped hypothalamus can reveal. I picked up a pair of babies (separate clutches) with the thought that even if they prove to be intolerant towards each other they will still have a quality of life far better then one where they hardly if ever see another of the same species. Dragons clearly have well developed communication skills between each other and even recognize and grow attached to their own owner so interaction is something they are clearly well cut out for in their natural lives. How about a male and female who grew up together develop a certain affinity for one another? Would they notice in a negative way if the other had disappeared? I know they will especially now since they have never done the deed despite having had many close encounters but I mean could it be possible they become bonded in the sense that they still enjoy seeing each other around as long as it's at a distance (kind of like how humans are🤣🤣🤣). Wild dragons post up in spots where they can see each other stationed all across the desert and talk to each other all day long. They don't live solitary lives as we would know it. A wild dragon could communicate with a dozen or so other dragons throught the day and certainly over vast distances with their incredible eyesight. It could even trust some more than others to come closer to it's territory. Heck I'd imagine arguing with each other still provides a better quality of life then if they never got any interaction with another beardie at all, more so considering our expectations with social interactions are vastly different. What looks like angry beardie talk could very well be foreplay or a bro yelling to another simply saying "Hey bro I see you over there! Enjoy the sun!"... That all being said they clearly seem to be displaying signs of wanting to be around each other. He's gone to mount with full bite and pin a few times and she still wants to be around him and even licks him every time she gets close enough (don't worry she won't get any until she's atleast 2)... Will they miss each other if I rehomed him. Love is in the air and I know it's just for babies but it seems with how comfortable and bonded these guys get with their surroundings I don't think it's a stretch to think they'll miss each other on a deeper level. Now how deep? That's my question. It's only been 6 months. After years what would it be like? If no other emotion was experience, boredom would certainly be experience right? Providing one didn't terrorize the other of course. I'd imagine great relief then... I know rehoming anxiety gets mixed in with separation anxiety, the latter being far less so but I ponder how much less so. Falling in love is falling in love. It doesn't just happen between two creatures. Birds develop extravagant displays. Humans write poetry and dance with each other. With an underdeveloped hypothalamus it's not going to be fireworks but what do you say? Is there a subtle version of beardie love we have yet to discover or even that our highly developed nature won't let us dumb ourselves down enough to understand? Maybe our arrogance says because it doesn't look like how we know it, it can't be. Or how about maybe if only I could humbled myself enough I could see that nature designed them like wolverines and all hell is releases when the are around each other then I'd understand. But that seems not as likely with how great of animals they are in general whereas good luck with that wolverine over there buddy😧... I guess pondering this is like pondering the nature of the universe.
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