3 years old beardie ate mice

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3 years old beardie ate mice

Postby Iamakel » Mon Jul 06, 2020 5:33 am

Hey guys,

As it is summer here, I managed to build two outside enclosures for my two beardies.They got big spaces (not enough for them to escape though) in the enclosures, but today some one week old mice (really, really small) managed to get inside my female's enclosure. She was already eating it when I noticed and couldn't take it out, didn't want to hurt her either.

My question is: does that small mice affect her in some way? I need to say that I only feed cinerea roaches and greenies to my beardies, never live mammals.

Thank you!
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Re: 3 years old beardie ate mice

Postby kingofnobbys » Mon Jul 06, 2020 9:23 am

I'd keep an eye on the dragon to make sure
1) they don't result in an impaction
2) they weren't mice who have ingested rat/mouse poison ( they are might have been somewhere where someone has put down mouse / rat poison
3) they weren't laden with GIT parasites
4) they weren't carrying a nasty virus or bacteria.

I know some people advocate feeding captive bred fuzzy and pinky mice to bearded dragons especially after they've laid a large clutch , these people the mice will boost the dragon's Ca levels . Though this has been shown to be a dubious claim .
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