How to get beardie to eat salad

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How to get beardie to eat salad

Postby Fluflepuff » Tue Jun 30, 2020 12:25 pm

My beardie is (we’re guessing) about 5-6 years old, around that age, she’s fully grown, but she’s had past health issues, she loves eating bugs but we don’t know how to get her to eat any veggies. I received her from a friend who couldn’t take care of her and whoever had her before her had left her in the tank for two months with no food. She eats bugs just fine and I’ve tried every trick in the book that I could find, making her a salad and putting bugs ontop (she completely avoids the veggies) and she’ll very rarely eat the food pellets you can give them though I don’t think those provide much for her either. I did force feed in a once urgent time when we first got her and her health was really low, but it causes her stress so I never do that. She will not eat veggies when they’re supposed to be most of her diet and I don’t know what to do :( any help would be appreciated!! ♥️♥️
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Re: How to get beardie to eat salad

Postby KarrieRee » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:39 pm

They say to lay off the bugs and serve only veggies for a few days -- if shes at a good weight I would try that-- I know people hate to do that but she really needs to eat some--- a all protein diet is not healthy-- have you tried hand feeding her veggies maybe w/a piece of collard green wrapped around a worm--- even if she ate a little would be better than none --- how often are you feeding bugs? She should only get them 2-3 times per week now --- that is why I really stress new dragon owners w/ babies to start them right then --- by the time they are a year old or older they wont eat them -- also offer different greens who knows you may find one she likes --
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