High humidity at night?

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High humidity at night?

Postby beardiebaby19 » Thu Jun 04, 2020 10:58 pm

During the day, my humidity stays at about 35%-40% at all times. At night, however, the humidity rises up to about 55-60%, which really worries me. I don’t have a water bowl or any other source of moisture in the viv or even in the room. Is it possible for my beardie to get a respiratory infection during this time? I have tried different dehumidifiers, but none seem to work. It is rainy right now (which might have something to do with it), so I can’t open windows. I do not have any heat source in his tank at night, as his viv stays at about 75-80 F.
He is currently in a 40 G viv (moving him to a 50 G soon), with a well ventilated top. Substrate used is vinyl tile. Heat: 100W bulb; basking temp is 105-108 F; cool side is about 80 degrees. UVB: 10.0 t5 tube
I really don’t know what could contribute to this. I understand that in their natural habitat, humidity rises quite a bit at night, but I wanted to make sure this wasn’t too much. Thank you very much for your help!
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Re: High humidity at night?

Postby KarrieRee » Fri Jun 05, 2020 6:41 am

Your humidity is fine as long as it does not go up past 70% --- it will rise at nite that is common and if its raining that too will cause it to rise --
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