Wont eat from food bowl?

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Wont eat from food bowl?

Postby wheresWaldo » Tue Jun 02, 2020 8:03 am

I got my bearded dragon for a few days now. I didn't ask when his hatch date was (learned that recently), but I would assume maybe a month old. He will eat a few crickets a day only if they come very close to him or if I hand feed him. I tried to put some dried bugs and greens in a bowl but won't come near it (will eat if I hand feed), even the water bowl. To get him to drink I lightly mist him or place a few drops of water by syringe on his head. Any tips on how to have him be comfortable to eat from the bowl?
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Re: Wont eat from food bowl?

Postby KarrieRee » Tue Jun 02, 2020 8:30 am

You need a glass or ceramic bowl - order some BSFL also known as nutri grubs phoenix worms or calci worms-- try and get some small super worms this site has both www.reptilesplus.com the BSFL and super worms will lure him to the bowl - here is a website for nutrition http://www.beautifuldragons.com/Nutrition.html ignore the kale thing it is a good staple feeder
feed your salad first thing in the morning adding the BSFL on top as many as you want they are a good staple feeder and you do not need to dust -- use 1-3 small super worms - make sure he sees you adding them to his bowl - it will get his attention -- I would switch him to dubia roaches they are easier to use and easier to take care of and a lot better nutrition wise you can get them from here along w/ some silk worms - another great staple feeder -- www.reptilianarts.com if ordering in bulk they come small and you will need to feed them so order food as well - clean their containers out daily - you can add them to the salad bowl too and I would use like 3- you can feed your dubias dubia food and carrots and squash for hydration -- they also like fruit- just dont feed your dragon carrots too to much Vit A -- let him eat from the bowl for like a hr or so and then take a little salad out and add the roaches to the bowl - this too will lure him to the bowl and get him to eat his salad - you want him eating some greens even if a little -- I would make him a nice salad of different things and offer it to him -- butter worms and horn worms are also good feeders - right now I have not been able to find butter worms and horn worms are a good hydrating worm and grow really fast so if you order them get small amounts - you can feed like 2 of those as well
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