size and health advice please

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size and health advice please

Postby syrup » Mon Jun 01, 2020 12:36 am

Hi there! new dragon mum here!
So i got my central boy 4 days ago from a pet shop that said he was around 6 months old... he'll eat crickets but salad is a big no no. the second night i had him he regurgitated some crickets but has been eating them since with no issues.

I'm sure his diet is out of whack because of the stress of the change but is it worth getting a vet to check on him?
He's kinda scrawny looking so i was looking at other 6 month old beardies online and he seems a bit small. He's 29 cm long, his head is 2.5 cm and his belly about 3.5cm.

i was wondering if this was a normal size for a 6 month old central or if i may have been sold a pygmy by mistake... or if hes sick/younger than they said?

is it worth taking a faecal sample to the vet and getting him checked out or should i wait a week or so for him to settle first?

thanks for the help:)

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this is Syrup :)
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Re: size and health advice please

Postby KarrieRee » Mon Jun 01, 2020 4:25 am

What are the basking temps and how are you taking them? NO stickons they are inaccurate-- what are you using for a UVB? Brand and bulb coil or tube? He either ate the crickets too fast or your basking temps are not high enough - I am thinking its more the first one-- you need to get him on salads now- are you in the states? If so I can post some websites for you so you can order some worms to get him to the salad bowl - lures to the bowl - you will need a glass or ceramic bowl one that worms and insects cant get out of -- here is a website for nutrition ignore the kale thing its a good staple feeder I would wait on the vet -- he needs to settle in first- what does his poop look like? Is it runny ? Does it smell so bad it makes you want to leave the room? That would be a sign of parasites--
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Re: size and health advice please

Postby ComicBookMama » Mon Jun 01, 2020 9:04 am

After you follow Karrie's advice about feeding and posting your setup info - here's my two cent's worth.

1) Waiting a week for him to settle definitely won't hurt. Relocation stress is a real thing. Whether or not to take him or a fecal sample to the vet is completely up to you; you need to first find a vet in your area that specializes in exotics, and that may take some time. I did opt to do a "wellness check" with my boy a few months after I got him, more to check out the vet's competence than because I was worried he was unhealthy. But I'm firmly in the "get a baseline health check before anything goes wrong" camp. Other people are in the "save your money for when you really need to go to the vet" camp!

2) Depending on the store you got your baby from, they may not know for certain when he hatched... if it's a "big box" pet store (like Petco or PetSmart), they buy from large breeder/dealers and aren't always great about knowing exactly how old their "stock" is. If it's a smaller store that specializes in reptiles, they likely deal with smaller distributors and have a better sense of the age of the dragons they sell, but that's no guarantee. That said, the amount of time spent in the store and the type of husbandry received there would definitely affect the health and size of your dragon... so yes, he may be 6 months old, but not at the same size as other dragons who received optimal care as they grew. It's unlikely you'd be sold a pygmy by mistake... they're far less common, and are often more expensive than our full-sized beardies. At least from what I've seen.

My takeaway - you may not ever know for sure how old your baby was when you bought him. He might be 6 months old... he might not be. It's up in the air with pet stores. (Speaking as one who got her dragon from a pet store, too...)

Good luck with your baby! :)
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Re: size and health advice please

Postby syrup » Mon Jun 01, 2020 4:03 pm

hey guys thanks for the feedback.
My basking temperature stands at around 35-42 C (95-107). I've got 2 digital thermometers on each side and a heat gun for surface temp. I've also got a CHE on a thermostat if night temp/cold side temp drops below 25C.

My UVB light is Reptile one UVB 10.0 T8 tube (hard to find the forever recommended Arcadia T5 in Australia at the mo).

His poop looks fine so i'm not too concerned about parasites.

the only veg i can get him to eat is sweet potato so i guess hes just fussy! I'll try adding some worms in there thanks for the suggestion :)
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