Beardie running around like crazy and refusing food...?

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Beardie running around like crazy and refusing food...?

Postby Bretter0725 » Mon May 25, 2020 2:14 pm

So my beardie, Mo, recently had a weird spike in behavior. She's a young adult (female), about 1.5 years old. All was going well until all of a sudden shes had this spike in energy, glass surfing all day, and won't eat anything. Shes even escaped her enclosure twice! It's like she desperate to get out. So, I do. I let her out to run around and she keeps going straight for the patio door to glass surf again :banghead: So I'm not sure what's going on! Its been three days of this so I'm not too worried yet... mostly concerned shes not eating what I offer her. Even peas! Her absolute favorite.

I'm not really looking for tank advice, I know the importance of a beardies environment so that's always the first thing I check. My girl has got the best of the best bulbs, biggest tank, diet/supplements and her temps are perfect (I have a raytek temp gun so I'm confident the temps are pretty accurate).

So I guess I'm asking, has this happened to anyone else?? Is this maybe hormone-related? Is there anything you think would help to calm her down, she just seems so stressed!
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Re: Beardie running around like crazy and refusing food...?

Postby AHBD » Tue May 26, 2020 12:53 pm

Hi there, it could be hormonal and she may even be carrying eggs, they often get pretty frantic and they need a laybox if carrying eggs. So you should prepare a laybox for her. You can try a small or large one. Here's a simple one that I used for some of my girls that fit in the tank, it's about 7 " high X 20 long X 11 wide approximately:

. ... _large.jpg

Or you could do a large one like this :
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Re: Beardie running around like crazy and refusing food...?

Postby Bretter0725 » Wed May 27, 2020 12:50 pm

You're absolutely right! I had suspicions but this is her first time carrying eggs (and my first beardie) so I assumed the worst. I felt her belly and sure enough, shes got lumpy bumpy eggs. We built her a sandpit yesterday and it has definitely helped her glass surfing. Shes just digging instead! Much quieter though so I'm happy.

I wish there were more articles about it! When I googled her behaviors, poop habits, and loss of appetite everything told me she had parasites or was sick. But now that I know whats going on, I have been able to read all about gravid females and her symptoms are exactly the same.

FYI for the people that come across this post later with the same issues, here are the symptoms and behaviors I learned:
-gravid = pregnant! Fertile (if they've been with a male) or nonfertile eggs
-they lay eggs even if they haven't been with a male, nonfertile^
-not all females lay infertile eggs, it just depends on your beardie
-beardies can become gravid as early as 10 months old, more like around 1.5-2 years old
- gravid females will have a sudden spike in behavior/energy with excessive digging and glass surfing
--> for my beardie it was almost all day long
- loss of appetite even with their favorite veggies and feeders --> I'm still offering her food every day just in case she does get hungry though
- on the outer edges of her belly (both sides), this is where you can potentially feel for eggs --> although it's my understanding that this isn't always the case that you can feel them and they can still be carrying eggs
- bigger, rounder belly
- extra pooping --> my beardie used to poop once every other day, now she's been pooping twice a day and they tended to be liquidy and less formed, but not always
- I also noticed a pink tint to her urate, this is also what made me nervous she may have parasites --> but low and behold, after reading all about gravid females, there are a lot of reports of a pink tint in their urate
- feed them extra calcium supplements during this time to ensure full growth from eggs, prevent egg binding and to prevent metabolic bone disease of your beardie
-they need extra baths! They need to be hydrated during this time, plus I'm sure it feels nice :)
- they need sandpits to lay their eggs, not to mention it calmed down her glass surfing
--> we cut a strip of cardboard (as long as the width of her tank) and folded it in half to make a
short, triangular ramp that she can hop over
--> taped the cardboard ramp about 1/3 of the way in her tank and filled that part with reptile
--> we didn't want to risk impaction so this is why we sectioned off her cage with part sand, part
--> once she lays her eggs, we'll scoop and vacuum the sand up (I personally don't like sand as a
a permanent addition to her tank)
- they're most likely to become gravid during springtime or after brumation, but this is not always the case
-if its been more than 45 days since you've noticed she's gravid and or has become lethargic schedule a vet appointment because something may be wrong (egg bound, Yolk peritonitis, etc)
- if your bearded dragon as a yellow, yolk like a bowel movement, this could be a signal of yolk peritonitis which can be fatal and needs attention right away
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