Neutralize car poops? (CaR, not caT)

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Neutralize car poops? (CaR, not caT)

Postby loljelloclowdz » Sun May 24, 2020 6:54 pm

I have to take Mari with me on vacation in August because we will be gone for a few weeks. Recently she broke out of her enclosure (I made the front door out of a piece of acrylic hot glued to some lego hinges and technic bricks with a lego rod to make it lock, lol. I just use my biology textbook as a weight to keep the door from opening, but when I forget is when she poops on my floor!) and took a saucy poop on my white shag rug, which I was REALLY upset with her about because 50% of my room is hardwood floor and she chose the 50% that is difficult to clean, lol. As "punishment," I said "Okay, you're coming with me to go get the shampooer from [my grandma]'s house!" (Common punishment in my family, lol. I also just wanted to take her with me somewhere.)
I put her in a plastic travel cage originally meant for birds, strapped it to the seat with the seatbelt, and put Mari inside. On our way back, I heard "pbbbbbbt" and the whole car immediately smelled like beardie poop. I wasn't very happy, but she was in her travel enclosure, so she didn't taint the interior of my car with any of her excrement, thankfully. (Though I could hear that she immediately started wall surfing, but I was like "I'm driving, I can't take you out, Poo-casso!")

Anyways, now that I am going to have to take her on the road for real this time, I'm afraid she's going to stink up the entire car again because traveling makes her a bit stressed out. (Also she "anger poops" because she learned that if she poops in whatever container I have her in temporarily (i.e. a kritter keeper just to weigh her - Yes, I tare the Kritter Keeper first, lol) that I will immediately take her out. (Bearded dragons are NOT stupid, lol!) I have Poo Pouri because the gold catalyst in it helps to neutralize the sulfuric smell in poop, but the problem is that the majority of poop smell comes from methane, which is CH4, and gold does not do anything to methane. Does anyone know anything I can use to neutralize the odor if she does stress poop in the car? (Obviously we'd pull over and take care of this at a rest stop, using the hose thingy at the truck stop to hose out her cage if we can sneak our suburban into the truck part, lol. She won't make any contact with any chemicals, I promise!)
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Re: Neutralize car poops? (CaR, not caT)

Postby kingofnobbys » Sun May 24, 2020 8:34 pm

It's a wee little beardy poo, they smell ( sometimes they really pong ). If it's in the carrier , get rid of the smelly object right away ( paper towel and into a bin , left some air in the window the smell will leave.

If it's on the rug , remove using a paper towel or facial tissue , use another that's damp to remove any "stain" , then a squirt with F10sc and no more smell.

We used to have a shagpile rug under our coffee table , got rid of it , was literally impossible to keep clean and I got fed up with sending it off the drycleaners to get it steam cleaned . This was back in 1980s when they all the rage ( was my wife's idea ) , looked nice but was more bother than it was worth.
This was also before we started keeping pet lizards, had a cat at the time who refused to use the litter tray ( would poo and pee anywhere but the tray , even if we put the cat on the litter when she started scratching at the "flooring" , eventually rehomed the cat , made it some- else's dirty problem ). will help mask the smell I guess , but really it is just a oily film that some people put in their toilet bowl , waste of $ imo.
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It'll be toxic to a licky critter like a bearded dragon too.

Line the travel tank with a few layers of paper towels , when the dragon poos , or as soon as notice it one way or another , remove the soiled paper towels , and replace with fresh clean ones , this should resolve the problem in a few minutes , I'd have suitable sized modified ventilated clik-clak style storage tub handy to deposit the dragon while dealing with it's smelly present,
or even better
this will help avoid dragon from taking fright and running away .

I've had the same 32L c-clak tub as shown for over 10 yrs , started off as a "recovery tub" for my first rescued injured wild skink. I've transported my adult eastern bluetongues and adult bearded dragons in it to the vet , they all seem to like it .
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Re: Neutralize car poops? (CaR, not caT)

Postby KarrieRee » Mon May 25, 2020 4:42 am

You can also use vinegar/water solution in a spray bottle -- the vinegar will neutralize any odor
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Re: Neutralize car poops? (CaR, not caT)

Postby WinFam01 » Tue May 26, 2020 6:30 am

I have no idea about safety for dragons, or if the ingredients neutralize poop smell, but we use this around our house.
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Re: Neutralize car poops? (CaR, not caT)

Postby CooperDragon » Tue May 26, 2020 11:11 am

Vinegar will help remove stuck on bits and help clean surfaces but I then use F10 on the cleaned up surface to sanitize and neutralize odors. It handles car poops pretty well. Keep paper towels and probably some rags handy. If you are worried about carpet getting pooped on, a bottle of carpet shampoo might be good to have on hand too. I also keep a roll of the animal poop bags (the arm & hammer ones with a bit of scent control) so I can seal up soiled items.
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