Sick 4 month old beardie from pet smart.

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Sick 4 month old beardie from pet smart.

Postby 28purple » Thu Apr 09, 2020 9:51 am

Since I’ve purchased Max from pet smart in feb. It has been a crazy roller coaster. They gave me all bad Information for taking care of him. the Past two months his temps have been at 85F in his basking spot and 65F at night. Now I have his 20 gallon tank at 105F and 80 at night. He has grown but not significantly. He has the following symptoms as off two weeks ago: Gasping/ Deep open mouth breaths, popping sounds from his mouth, saliva bubbles on the top of his mouth.He is not eating and his tail goes from like a black to normal color a few times a day. He seems skinny since I can see the outline of his ribs. I took him to the vet which was hard to find with the quarantine but I was able to get him seen and they took Xrays for RI. X-ray came back negative for RI and the vet sent him home with powder food like reptiboost. I’ve been during feeding him for a week now but soon after he got super bloated and a really round belly I was able to massage and bathe him until he cleared the impaction which came out looking like the meds his been eating.I am trying so hard for him not to die and I’m freaking out. Since I got him everyday has been a struggle to keep him alive im just trying my best and he’s been a fighter so as long as he has it in him I will do whatever to make sure he’s ok. I just need more expert advice. Pet smart was honestly no help.
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Re: Sick 4 month old beardie from pet smart.

Postby KarrieRee » Thu Apr 09, 2020 10:41 am

PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE AT PET SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have come to the right place--- first lets go over the lighting for your tank and next you will need to get a bigger tank that is a MUST--- he will not survive in that 10 gallon aquarium!!! You need to upgrade to at least the minimum 40 gallon if you can go bigger do it ASAP----------------- next basking temps need to be 105-110 taken w/ a digital probe thermometer -- stick ons are inaccurate ---- next the UVB if you are using a coil you need to get this a 24" fixture w/ a reflector and a Reptisun 10.0 bulb - how soon can you get a new tank ? The reason why I ask is if you can get it right away I would recommend a T 5 bulb --- if you need to wait then I would get a T 8 it will be more suitable for a 10 gallon at the moment you can use the T 8 in the 40 gallon but it will need to be inside the tank ---------------- you need to get your basking temps up so he can digest his food ---- the basking temps and UVB are the MOST important thing in that tank
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Re: Sick 4 month old beardie from pet smart.

Postby AHBD » Thu Apr 09, 2020 7:00 pm

Aw, I'm sorry to hear about your little dragon. It's good that you upgraded to a 20 gallon, much more comfortable for him now for the time being and the temps. are good now. Too bad the stores often give nonsense advice that hurts the dragon as well as the owner. I hate to say it but the dragon does have a respiratory infection, I don't think the vet got the xray right. Any dragon that's regularly gasping blowing bubbles for a period of time has an R.I, no xray needed. Can you upload a video of your baby breathing ?
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