Wandering Jew Specifics?

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Wandering Jew Specifics?

Postby MrSpectrum » Sat Jan 25, 2020 8:09 am

Despite having 13-15 plants (mostly succulents) in ZaRDoZ' enclosure already, I'm still having a problem keeping daytime humidity above 30% (Nighttime humidity is fine). Right now I'm spritzing 4-6 times a day, and it's a PITA. I've tried large water dishes/bowls and even sponges, but they're not working. I may have to resort to a fogger/mister, but I'd rather try more/different plants first, as he doesn't seem to mind/devour/destroy them as some lizards do.

Looking over lists of "safe" plants, I find Wandering Jew [WJ] mentioned quite often, which would be perfect for this situation, BUT... (Bwahahahaha)
Do you know how many species of plants are called/considered "Wandering Jew"?
~20 species of Callisia, ~75 species of Tradescantia, several species of Commelina, plus Saxifraga Stolonifera and Tinantia Pringlei, and who knows what else? :shock:

A couple of sites do specify Bolivian Wandering Jew (Callisia Repens), but Wikipedia cautions:
Some members of Callisia may cause allergic reactions in pets (especially cats and dogs), characterised by red, itchy skin. Notable culprits are C. fragrans (inch plant) and C. repens (turtle vine).

...Of course beardies aren't dogs or cats, but it still gives me pause (no pun intended :roll: ).

I'm also hesitant to assume which species of WJ are/aren't beardie-safe without further info/guidance.

Has anyone reputable knowledge or direct experience with specific species of WJ, or suggestion for a different (hopefully colorful) vine-like beardie-safe plant that will help raise the humidity?
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