Recovering from coccidia

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Recovering from coccidia

Postby OscarLuvBug » Tue Jan 14, 2020 8:50 am

We did 5 days of Albon? and something else for worms. He hasn't eaten anything since the day we started the medication which we finished Sunday.
I dont know how old he is, what I can say is that right now he weighs 66.8 garms, I got him from petsmart on Oct. 20th and he was the lagest one in the tank at about 8.5 inches long. I was guessing him to be about 2 months at the time. So, maybe, 4.5 months?
I've been giving dubias and crickets to no avail, fresh collards, bok choy, butternut squash, carrots, orange bell pepper, bee pollen, blueberries, he's just not eating.

*The pet store near me has mealworms, should I try these, or would they be to hard on his system?

[Click image to enlarge]
Also, the day after we started the meds, we got his new and much larger enclosure set up.
It's 4x2x2 (Zen Habitats) the reptisun 10.0 HO for UVB, a 100 watt basking light in the corner (108 degrees)and a 75 watt over the log at 106 degrees.

Someone please advise me
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Re: Recovering from coccidia

Postby Linzloohoo » Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:30 am

Albon is pretty harsh on their system. It kills the Coccidia but also kills off the natural gut flora. We did Albon as well but stopped using after 2 doses as we saw the same thing. To my knowledge they should be getting lots of water while on meds, so make sure he’s hydrated. You can get a probiotic like Bene bac or give him some soy yogurt to help restore his gut flora. You can try giving some chicken baby food to get some protein in him.
After knowing how harsh Albon is and seeing what it does to them I will never use it again. I ordered ponazuril online which is what I will use if ever needed again.
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Re: Recovering from coccidia

Postby KarrieRee » Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:00 pm

Also there needs to be a piece of decor under that UVB - what bulb are you using ? a T 5 - I have the same tank and another hint I would get a piece of decor that has different spots for him to bask - keep the platform hide but move it -- I dont use hammocks in my tanks -here is a pic of one of the tanks
[Click image to enlarge]

makes it easier to see rather than post all different stuff - and as far as the meds linzoohoo has had the experience w/ the same med so that is good -- AHBD or Tracie can also weigh in on that med as well --- but you need some sort of decor under your UVB --
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