Herpstat for basking light?

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Herpstat for basking light?

Postby goldenboy2421 » Tue Nov 19, 2019 12:27 pm

Hi everyone, im wondering how many of you use a herpstat to control your basking temperatures. I ask because im thinking of grabbing one to regulate my temps but my only concern is that on the spyderrobitics website, I found a FAQ that says
Can the Herpstat be used with overhead basking lights?
Thermostat control of lamps that provide visible illumination is not ideal. Lamps change brightness during regulation and then turn off when the target temp is reached. However, we now have a special feature called Basking Assist available in Herpstat 1 Basic, Herpstat 1, Herpstat 2, and Herpstat 4 (V2) models that prevents the lamp from turning off when its close to the target temp. This allows for a much smoother experience. If you need to provide heat from above often a better choice would be to use a radiant heat panel or ceramic heat emitter. Then a low wattage bulb can be added for illumination of the enclosure.

I guess im a bit confused on whether or not the herpstat would be okay to use for my basking light because it first says that its not ideal but then right after it says they have basking assist available. Can any of you give some insight on this or how your experiences are using a herpstat for your bearded dragon?
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Re: Herpstat for basking light?

Postby CooperDragon » Tue Nov 19, 2019 6:58 pm

I use a herpstat2. It works to dim my halogen basking light but you want to get close to start with by adjusting height or wattage. Dimming for minor tweaks automatically. It’s not perfect and will sometimes flicker when ramping up or down for the day. The second outlet is set for pulse and works well with a heat projector for overnight temps. It’s worth having it in order to keep temps in line automatically.
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