Weight Loss!

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Weight Loss!

Postby 1alexnunez1 » Sun Nov 10, 2013 1:51 pm


Hello, my name is Alex and I am a proud owner of two baby bearded dragons. Let me give some background information on my little beardies. I got them one week apart from your normal local pet smart. I got my first one in August. Named her Augustine (Assuming it's a she.) I got another one a week later and named him August (Once again assuming this one is a he, turns out he is) They lived together in harmony for a good two months, never once laying on top of each other, never once fighting over food, never once head bopped, they always waved back and forth to each other though. Probably twice a day. Anyways when I got them I measured them both. Augustine was 7 inches and August was 6.5 inches. A month later August turned 7 inches and Augustine was still 7. Two months later Augustine was still 7 inches, but August was now 9 inches. During the two months, Augustine started bleeding in her arm and I didn't know why I assumed it was because she fell off the branch wrong (She's very clumsy) A week later it got worse so I contacted three petsmarts and they told me try feeding live food more frequently. I did. Instead of two times a day, I did it three times. It worked for a while but then her arm got 2x worse and then I finally came on this website to get help and they told me to separate them. I did. Augustine is so much better but since August proved himself dominante he took all the food, took all the water, took all the heat so Augustine stayed in a thin side and not growing. Its been two weeks since I separated them and August is shedding once again but Augustine still remains 7 inches, but is gaining her weight back. I am feeding her multivitamins and calcium much more. She is way more active than before and seems to be happier, It just worries me how she is so thin and 2 inches smaller than August when I originally got Augustine first and she was bigger than August. Please tell me how to help get bigger quickly her arm surprisingly did not fall of, although her hand is no longer active but her arm is healing. Its a bitter sweet moment her hand is gone, its bitter because no hand, but sweet because she still has an arm. I just want her to shed and get better. I've been feeding her wax worms to gain weight, and crickets with calcium to gain weight and she has proper lighting if you were curious. Calcium helps you grow, this is odd but would a hard boiled egg help? I doubt it. Please help.
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Re: Weight Loss!

Postby Claudiusx » Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:57 pm

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Re: Weight Loss!

Postby KarrieRee » Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:54 am

They need to be seperated!! Dragons should not be housed together- the arm thing sounds like she might of gotten bit --- and listening to PetSmart people is a NO NO -- they have not a clue as to what they are talking about --- so they told you to feed her more live food and her arm would get better???????????? OMG--- please explain the proper lighting what exactly are you using ? Your going to need two of those set ups to care for those dragons properly---- brand and bulb of the UVB's please and where are they in the tank or on top of screen? What are the basking temps and how are you taking them infrared heat gun stick ons or digital probe??? Your female dragon is probably stressed out from the male -- this happens if they are kept together -----------they need to be fed salad every day not just worms and crickets --- here is a website for you for nutrition--http://www.beautifuldragons.com/Nutrition.html- here is a website for other insects and worms you can order -- BFSL -- https://symtonbsf.com/ these a good staple feeder and do not need to be dusted
http://www.dubiaroaches.com--- https://www.rainbowmealworms.net/---htt ... ogin.php-- these are just few places you can order from --- -
I would be getting them separated ASAP so the female is not so stressed out - PLease no hard boil eggs---- you need to start feeding them a better diet of greens and get her out of the males tank!! I beleive you can put some unpasturized raw honey on your dragons hand to kill and keep infection away the only thing is you cannot keep crickets in the tank since they will feed on that honey -- I would feed her in a different container like a tote and take her out when done -- that way your not losing crickets in the tank shes in and they will hide and come out at nite and if shes got honey on that hand that would not be good
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