New beardie Rescue

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New beardie Rescue

Postby Melpomme » Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:33 am

Hey! I'm new to the forum, but not beardies! I have two perfect babies, Sig and Smaug (boy and girl .. different enclosures!). Anyway, tomorrow I'll be bringing home a third baby - this time a rescue from where I volunteer. The rescue is blind, hence he needs an experienced care taker. I know I'll have to hand feed him, which I'm prepared to do, but .... Do you guys have any advice for his enclosure? How do I make it easier for him to get around? My current two have ramps and hammocks and rocks for climbing, but I didn't think that would do as well for him. How can I make sure he can still get close enough to his basking light?

Any advice is welcome! qqqqq (that is Smaug saying thank you!)
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Re: New beardie Rescue

Postby Claudiusx » Sat Nov 09, 2019 12:17 pm

Hi there,

Welcome to the site!

Great for you for rescuing the poor fella. Is he completely blind? How did it happen?

If he really can't see anything at all, it's best to keep his tank furniture relatively flat so he doesn't have to climb around on things.
Post pictures of him once you get him so we can see hi current status :)

Looking forward to hearing of him living a long healthy life with you!

Follow along with all my beardies. Check out my thread here!: Claud's Crew
P.S. We have lots of pictures ;)
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