Baby Beardie, stressed in terrarium!

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Baby Beardie, stressed in terrarium!

Postby Rangler132 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:36 pm

Help! I just got my new Baby beardie and ive been noticing his stress marks are at an all time dark. Its only in his terrarium that he has a problem though. I can take him out and his stress marks disappear. I keep the cooler side at around 80 degrees and then his warmer side at about 100, i have standing water for him and incase he does get too hot, a hide and a hammock with a little stuffed animal. I've even sectioned it off because i thought it may be too big for him. Im really just confused.
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Re: Baby Beardie, stressed in terrarium!

Postby MrSpectrum » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:43 am

Likely just relocation stress, which can take a couple days to a couple weeks to settle out. He may just need a little adjustment time.
I've even sectioned it off because i thought it may be too big for him.

Possible, but not likely.
Glass enclosure? If he stresses only when in it, it may be due to seeing his own reflection and thinking it's another dragon. If so, you can cut down the reflection (and stress) by attaching a light colored busy patterned backdrop to the outside of the glass (on 3 sides, anyway).

Also, people are going to ask you to post pics of the enclosure & about your lighting , temps, etc. :wink:

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Re: Baby Beardie, stressed in terrarium!

Postby claudiusx » Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:41 am

Hi there,

It would be best to go over your setup in more detail to rule out any husbandry issues.

Firstly, what are you using to measure your temperatures?
That 100 reading, is that the hot side or the basking surface? We would need to know what your basking surface is.
And what are you using for a UVB bulb?

If you could post pictures it really would help.
You don't need to section off the tank. Babies do fine in large tanks as long as you provide them proper husbandry.

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P.S. We have lots of pictures ;)
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