Not quite sure what’s going on anymore

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Not quite sure what’s going on anymore

Postby Beardiealice » Tue Aug 20, 2019 9:13 am

I took Alice to the vet a few days ago, and the vet? I don’t trust her. I was explaining to her that Alice isn’t eating and is still pretty lethargic and her eye is very swollen. She asked what I was feeding her and I told her baby food because cc has way too much protein for an adult Beardie to be getting every day, and I didn’t want her to get gout. The vet explains that as adults they are essentially carnivores and she needs a lot of protein. This was the first red flag. She disregarded my comment about gout, including “does she have gout? Look at this bump and her other limbs and blackish beard”. Second red flag. She gave me examples of what to feed Alice (after I said that she literally won’t eat anything that isn’t forced on her) and she mentioned meal worms. For Alice. A sick Beardie. Third red flag. She was looking at Alice’s eye, but she would not let the vet at the swollen one even with numbing drops. The vet prescribed antibiotics and showed me how to get them in.

On top of all the incorrect information, after the first day of antibiotics, Alice refuses to open that eye. I can’t even get the syringe between her lids to the get the medicine in.

Also, Alice is dehydrated again. You can move her skin around and sometimes she’s wrinkly (depends on her position). How can I get more fluids into her? She gets a bath everyday.

The vet gave me this new high protein food and said to give her it everyday. Is this a good idea? As of now, I’ve been doing baby food every other day, and cc the other days.

Should I just straight up not trust that vet? And if I can’t, what can I do? The next exotic vet is 2 hours away. If Alice is going to have regular appointments, that’s unreasonable.

Lastly, the vet said Alice should be on a special diet for a year (basically cc everyday or so) for that she can fully recover from MBD. Is that true?
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Re: Not quite sure what’s going on anymore

Postby KarrieRee » Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:05 am

In my opinion you need a new vet---- first off they need less protein when they are adults- more vegies - poor Alice I feel bad for her and you-- :( -- as far as getting fluids and meds in there was a post that some one had showed how to get stuff in like fluids and meds etc in to them - more experienced on here can help w/ that --- maybe get an appt in for her w/ the exotic vet and just tell them you cant be bringing her in for regular appts and see if they can recommend someone closer to you ---
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