Not eating, lethargic after laying eggs

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Not eating, lethargic after laying eggs

Postby SoapyLizard » Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:45 pm

Hello, I'm new to the fourm as a member (been a lurker for information every now and then.)

My boyfriend's beardy laid a few clutches (unfertilized) totaling 30 eggs in May. For a month or so after, she was eating, a little less than normal, but still eating. However since then, she hasn't been at all. She was very big for her age, length-wise with a matching weight. She has gotten considerably smaller, to the point where we can see the bones in her tail and her eyes are now sunken in as of a few days ago. He took her to a specific reptile vet when we first noticed she was acting different, (I'd say a month or two ago) and was told nothing was wrong. Vet assured us she wasn't impacted, and had no more eggs to lay. The next day she laid one last egg. To give the vet the benefit of the doubt, I'd imagine it's easy to miss one egg. However that makes me uneasy on trusting the rest of what she told us. After that, we asked the local reptile shop about it and they mentioned she could be having a calcium crash. He suggested tube feeding with a calcium supplement. We tube fed her baby food for a week or so, and now have her eating Zillas JumpStart Caloric supplement & Appetite stimulant with a tube full of water and calcium mixed in. Still no change, shes increasingly lethargic and listless. She moves only to leave the warm side when too hot. I haven't noticed her willingness to go back to the heat once she is too cold, we usually move her back since we know she'll at least leave if too hot. We're now soaking her more frequently to help with her dehydration but we are totally at a loss. I imagine another vet trip is due to a different facility, but I don't know exactly what they'd be able to do. He has a UVB bulb but I'm not totally sure of the specs, so I ordered her a T5 hood which will be here in a few days. I also got her a CHE for at night since we sleep with the AC on. We're pretty sure she isn't impacted since we use repticarpet.

Sorry for the post being all over the place, I'd rather just get it posted asap then make it organized. Please let us know what we need to be doing. He's scared taking her to the vet will stress her out to the point of killing her.
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Re: Not eating, lethargic after laying eggs

Postby KarrieRee » Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:44 pm

I am hoping Tracie answer your question tonite shes normally on at nite and is our vet moderator
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Re: Not eating, lethargic after laying eggs

Postby Drache613 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:55 pm


Wow, I am sorry to hear your girl is so lethargic. My gut tells me it is likely going to be egg
related or at least a very low calcium level. Were the eggs nicely formed or did they lack
proper calcification as they would look if she didn't have enough calcium left in her system
to shell them very well?
What type of calcium are you using for her?
I would get her started on some chicken & or turkey baby food, mixed with squash or sweet
potato & oatmeal or rice baby food for protein & some starches. Will she voluntarily eat on
her own, or not so much right now?
I hope that she didn't have an egg burst internally, causing inflammation or infection. Since
her pads & eyes are sunken in it sounds like she is terribly dehydrated also. Try to carefully
get 5 or so mls of oral fluids into her if possible.
If she does not improve pretty quickly I would highly recommend getting her back to the vets
as soon as possible. Try to keep her a little warmer overnight to help boost her immune system
right now.

Let us know how she is doing.
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