Not eating, bent tail

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Not eating, bent tail

Postby wolflover629 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:38 pm

My bearded dragon is not eating. I have had her to the vet twice. She has a follow up appointment on Sept 9th. I orginally took her to the vet because her she had loose stool sfter feeding crickets. The urate was blood tinged. I was also worried about her tail because it was getting crooked. I was worried she was not get enough calcium ect. Stool sample was negative. They also felt she was doing this to her tail because she was sitting on it weird in her hammock. This was in the middle of July. She was not eating well then, but she was shedding. She never eats well during a shed. Well she never started to eat. We took her back to the vet last week and they checked her for constipation and did a enema. They did not think she was really constipated. They also did a ultrasound to check her for follicles. They did not see any. She is still not eating. They said she was probably hormonal. It worries me she is not eating and just wants to lay in a corner and her appointment is not until Sept 9th. This am I put her on her hammock and I had put fresh vegetables in the cage. She looked eager at them and then jumped down. She starred at them. Then after a few min just put her tonugue on them then went back to the corner. I started messing with the temp because I thought maybe that was it. Cold side is 72 warm was 102. I turned on the ceramic heat emittor at night. Now it is like 68 and 98 on hot side. I changed the long uvb light. She is about 8 months old. I bought some baby green beans and I am going to try to syringe feed her. Any ideas or suggestions.
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Re: Not eating, bent tail

Postby KarrieRee » Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:43 pm

Please no more enemas!! They are so hard on dragons----- is it possible shes w/ eggs? Is she digging? Did the vet check for eggs? What kind of UVB do you have ? Brand and bulb? Where is it in the tank or on top? Is she losing weight? Did they weigh her at the vet? When you go back you need to get a copy of the office visit so you have it-- why did the temps drop w/ the ceramic heat emitter? Unless your cold side of tank is dropping to below 65 at nite you shouldnt need the heat emitter--- I take it shes not basking at all?
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