Is my beardie ok?

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Is my beardie ok?

Postby Percygilman » Sun Jul 21, 2019 2:53 pm

So me and my fiancée just adopted this sweet little beardie named Buddha. He’s three years old and until now, he hasn’t had the best life. He had a checkup before we got him and he seemed to be in good health, but recently I’ve been a little worried. About two and a half weeks after he arrived at our house he had a big shed that included everything on his entire body other than his back. From what I’ve read it’s normal for them to be a little lethargic from that and it’s ok if it takes a few days afterwards for them to start eating normally. But yesterday he seemed very sick. And before I get into this I should mention that I’m a very anxious person so it’s entirely possible that (aside from what I’m about to say) he’s actually fine and I’m just worrying over nothing, but I’d really like to make sure. Anyways yesterday I checked on him as usual, cleaned up any poop (which looked solid but the urinate was a little dry), got him some food and cleaned and replaced his water. After about an hour I noticed his eyes were looking a little sunken, and he hadn’t moved much from when I first woke him up. I did some research and he seemed kinda dehydrated, so I got him to drink as much as he could and then I just sort of monitored him for the rest of the day. Today he seems fine, (no sunken eyes, much more energy) but I saw him twitch once and I think I might have heard him wheeze? So I’m a little worried still. I give him calcium with D3 everyday with his food, I keep his tank clean and I make sure he gets lots of sunshine and has a good bulb for his tank. In general he seems totally fine but after him being dehydrated yesterday I’m kinda on edge. I’m very attached to him. He likes to go on walks with me to the store and he doesn’t like going to bed unless he falls asleep on my chest first. I’ve never bonded so much with an animal before and I’m absolutely terrified of anything happening to him. If anyone could let me know if his behavior seems abnormal that would be very helpful.
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Re: Is my beardie ok?

Postby KarrieRee » Sun Jul 21, 2019 3:25 pm

Please post pics of his tank and lighting so we can see his husbandry---- that would help -- but yes he sounds like he is / was dehydrated--- what are you feeding him ? bug wise? vegies? How old is he? What are his basking temps? How are you taking them ? infrared heat gun which is most accurate -- digital probe? stick ons? click on XIMG on top of message box
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