A little story about Jimmia :)

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Re: A little story about Jimmia :)

Postby jesse2019 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 6:13 pm

WELL, I am new to this, but feel emboldened by my potty training advice I added to a post last nite.
I have had at least 2 1/2 months of advice from this site which has been invaluable to me.
My little guy Jesse came home from a reputable reptile dealer with substrate that was used for snakes.
He would poop in it, and it was super easy to clean up.
Then I got this super hammock that was made of natural fibers, and he loved it.
However, to keep this short, he would poop pretty much in the same spot everyday.
The light bulb, though dim, went off.
So, I got on line and bought a water resistant liner used for nail care -thru Graham Beauty-plastic backed nail towels. Cut them in half, then thirds, to try and save money.
I currently use 1/2 sheet everyday on his current hammock, which is a green repti-hammock. I have a spare, but have not needed to use it yet. I use kitty litter clips to hold them in place. We know no shame here.
He will not get on his hammock until a fresh liner is put on. It could be hours.
He occasionally has an accident during trips, or changes in his life.
Hope this helps.
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Re: A little story about Jimmia :)

Postby JIMMIA » Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:02 am

thank you very much jesse2019 and hippielizards :)

@ jesse2019 - yes we are all proud parent/s and fascinated in anything about our beautiful beardies or as hippielizards said in another part of this forum “you know you’re a beardie owner when - you can talk about bearded dragon poop with other beardie owners and they think nothing wrong of it lol” :)

so that’s awesome to hear about you and your beardie potty training keep up the good work :)

I trained jimmia to do it in a little bath of warm water or just let him go naturally when needs and sometimes he poops on my hand or shoulder lol, I don’t yell at him I just let him be himself haha :)

and again as thanks to hippielizards - when they spread their back legs funny, you know the shiz is about to go down lol and they are going to poop haha :) sorry :(

and @ hippielizards correct me if I’m wrong - but a tip for wipes jesse2019, get a paper towel roll, break of each square or whatever they are, fold them, place them in a old nappy wipe box, add few drops of scented oil, a little water, little vinegar, and you can use them wipes either for hands and cleaning the tank with so save buying individual wipes all the time :)

sorry :| but anyway thank you again everyone, I hope you have a fabulous week of what’s left of it, stay safe, be well and be good, sending you, your family and beardie/s some hugs/ bugs and love from here in Australia :) xoxo
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