Glass types , influence on UV transmission

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Glass types , influence on UV transmission

Postby kingofnobbys » Sun Apr 21, 2019 11:26 pm

The physics of it is that the glasses in domestic light globes is basic common silicon based glass , this glass has a very low UV transmission (even for the very thin glass in the globes and the tubes, literally can be under 1% of the UV created in the globe on electrical excitation of the filament in globes or the phosphors in tubes gets through the glass.
Laminated glass totally blocks UVA radiation, while smooth ordinary glass transmits the highest dose (74.3%).
Green glass totally blocks UVA radiation, while blue glass transmits the highest dose of radiation (56.8%).
All domestic glasses totally block UVB radiation.


The glass used is the same stuff used in drink bottles actually ( this is where many recycled drink bottles end up , I've been to a Philips Light Bulb making plant and seen the process from sand or pulverized recycled glass bottles and broken window glass and broken car windows , through the blending plant , the furnace , to the light globe and tube making plant (is amazingly complicated machinery in the light globe blower machines and in the fluorescent tube making plant).

The glass used in MVBs, MHBs and reptile UV tubes and compacts is a different type of glass ( quartz ) and this can be tailored to pass UVA & UVB but block UVC. This is why these are expensive.

Compare glasses (thin)

Curves from various laboratory suppliers, physics and chemistry references.
UVA 315–400 nm
UVB 280–315 nm
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