Bitten tongue - please help!

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Bitten tongue - please help!

Postby Lexih2o » Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:49 am

So my beardie has bitten his tongue pretty bad. The bleeding didn’t last long, but there is a long deep line where he bit it and a small chunk beginning to turn whitish yellow (like a human mouth ulcer).
The vets I have contacted are far away and have not given much advice on what to do for him in the past. Nevertheless, I am awaiting their reply.

*in the meantime, I will try to get a good photo of his tongue to upload here

My beardie is about 2 years old and probably has some form of MBD (though the reptile vets I’ve been to hesitate to say it’s severe). He can’t move his legs very well (especially the back) but he can hold his head up and such. He’s had problems with muscle spasms and his tongue, which is why he accidentally bit it and often flails around when he’s determined to get somewhere. I often have to feed him by putting the food in his mouth before he recognizes to chew. Even then, he usually just mostly swallows, so I stick to softer foods. It’s difficult to put into words his exact condition.
I got him when he was a baby from a chain supplier (Petco; which I know is not that great) and he seemed ok for a few weeks but began to show the signs of being ill. Since he seemed to be the largest in the batch, we assumed he may have been a bit older than the other and been exposed to poor conditions during this time. I e taken him to 2 different vets who have told me that I’m doing everything right and that all I can do for him is try to give him a good life, which I continue to try to do

-UV: T8 10.0 long reptisun
-tank: 40 gal
- substrate: reptile carpet (with lots of rolled towels around the corners of the tank to act as bumpers)
-basking: ~95°F
-cooler side: 85°F
-nighttime: 75°F (with ceramic heat emitter)
-humidity: 30-40
-water: bottled spring water administered with a syringe (offered everyday, but often only drinks every other day)
-protein: repashy insectivore gel mix; sometimes live food like hornworms, super worms, etc. He doesn’t prefer live.
-greens: dandelion, turnip, and mustard (one or two of which offered everyday)
-other: squashes, bell peppers, blueberries, and other fruits and veggies offered once in a while or every other day depending on what they are (I make sure the fruits and veggies are appropriate based on Nutrition info on )
-calcium: Flukers, dusted on food 5/7 days a week (phosphorus free)
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Re: Bitten tongue - please help!

Postby AHBD » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:21 pm

Hi there, sorry to hear about this. It would be best to not give him any food that he would need to chew for a while . That will reduce the chance of him biting again. Ogger smoothies and thinned out Repashy for now. You can also use raw unpasteurized honey diluted with just a bit of warm water a few times a day, it's a powerful antimicrobial and even if he swallows it quickly he'll get a bit of it to coat his tongue . Can you get pics of him , also his tongue if you get the chance ?
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Re: Bitten tongue - please help!

Postby Drache613 » Wed Apr 17, 2019 7:11 pm


Poor thing! I agree, do try to avoid foods that he has to chew very much.
How is he doing today?
Has he been very active today since he bit his tongue?
Pictures of him along with his lighting & tank setup would be helpful if you can.

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