a few questions please

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a few questions please

Postby JIMMIA » Fri Mar 22, 2019 10:44 pm

before I start, please DO NOT judge, DO NOT hate me please, UNDERSTAND I am trying my best and I mean NO HARM to you and the bearded dragon world :( :) :|

lately I’ve noticed a few changes in my beardie JIMMIA, I do not know if it’s my imagination or I am reading or watching into things so much and it’s concerned me!

so let’s talk the ——> TOPIC: MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease) and seizures

> I have JIMMIA in a 4ft long, 2ft high and 2ft wide tank,

> he has water with a little neutraliser in it which is changed every 2 days,

> he has crickets, he has boc choy/ apple/ squash/ carrot/ strawberries/ super worms/ woodies- roaches! I change them everyday and take out the old BUT he doesn’t touch the fruit or vegetables - he only goes for the worms and doesn’t touch the crickets or woodies/ roaches! and sometimes I help mist him so he can drink as I do not know if he drinks on his own when I’m not around!

> his lights are usually a 14 hour time period, I usually turn them on around 7am in the morning and turn them back off when I get home at night at around 10pm!

> his tank is usually around 30 degrees, I do not keep track of it so I can not evaluate what the average temperature would be like in there!

> I take him for walks out in public so he gets some natural sunlight and he seems to enjoy it but around 5-30pm in the afternoon he is usually trying to hide in my/ his hat and goes to sleep and at home he usually is asleep by 5-30 6pm if I don’t take him uptown!

> I pick him up all the time, he seems so placid, easy going, doesn’t want to run off if put him on the table or the ground or leave him unattended outside of his tank etc


> lately he is sometimes not all the time, say about 10% of the time he squirms and twist his body awkwardly so IS HE OKAY? WHY IS HE DOING THIS? I pick him up from the body and make sure both hands are secure when holding him!

> as mentioned above he is not eating all of his food so WHY IS THIS? I know they all got own appetite and eat what they want when they’re hungry

> why is he so placid, nothing bother him and will let strangers hold him? is it because I pick him up and talk to him everyday? but note he has always been this way since day one and has never thought about running, he just tries snuggling up to my chin when laying in bed patting him!

> it’s hard to video record but his head is slightly twitching and he closes his eyes when I give him pats- so does this mean he enjoying it?

> he also doesn’t beard much at me anymore, I guess because I taught him no and stop, so did I do wrong?

> he has been around 140 to 145 grams and around 35 centimetres for the past month and not grown or gotten any fatter so is he okay? I know I’ve seen him eat but he is not eating a lot like how you all mention (50 crickets a day)

> I’ve only seen him walk to my mum and brother about 4 times, and I do not know if normal but looks like he wobbled but he gets there, so is that normal if they don’t walk far?

> when I bath him in a little warm water he seems to sometimes duck his head under water or he tries to head but the side of the container but I reassure him that it’s okay - is that normal?

> when should they poop? I’ve not seen a poop for about 3 days and he usually goes about 2 times a week when I bath him

> I have never given him any calcium powder, well I have but over the crickets and he never wants to eat them so is there any other way I can try give it to him?

> I’ve had him 11 months as of the 3rd of April / he will be 1 year in his terms as I don’t really know how old he was when I got him as I didn’t get him from a breeder, I found him on the road on the walk home one nigh so is he older enough to brumate this year?

so anyway that’s all I can think of, I’m sorry if I’m stupid or doing wrong, please do not hate me, I’m only trying my best and still learning everyday! :( :) :|
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