Nona active but not eating...

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Nona active but not eating...

Postby KevinsMom33 » Mon Mar 18, 2019 6:50 am


Hi all - Nona my former sick and paralyzed baby dragon is no longer sick or paralyzed - she’s all better - she runs around like a mad woman - she’s out of the tank running around the dining room and kitchen getting those little legs moving. Climbing all over Kevin’s area ...climbing all over cats - no the cats do not chase or hurt the dragons and Nona is not left alone with cats - just Kevin - because he’s Kevin ....
And now that’s it’s sunnier in the northeast - both Kevin and Nona are spending some time outside in the sunshine...
However - she has no interest in food. Nothing - I give her favorite salads and worms and nothing.
She’s not skinny or dehydrated - I do make sure she gets some nutrition so I syringe feeding her grub pie when I know she hasn’t touched anything. But since she’s barely eating she’s barely pooping!
She does need some nutrition
Is this normal behavior for a juvenile?
What should I do next??
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Re: Nona active but not eating...

Postby Claudiusx » Mon Mar 18, 2019 7:20 am

Not really normal behavior but it's not unheard of either.

Personally I think I would hold off on the syringe feeding the grub pie. Beardies can get picky and they are smart, she could be holding out waiting for you to feed her more grub pie.

My advice would be to stop with that, and just offer her a normal diet.
A healthy dragon wont starve themselves to death. Eventually she should get hungry enough to eat insects and salad. Especially if she's active and looking healthy otherwise.

If it's been a week and she literally hasn't eaten anything, then I might give her more via the syringe but it would really depend on how she's acting.
Keep us updated. :)

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